Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Honour Killings in British Culture

When people in immigrant communities kill their daughters for unchastity or for falling in love with someone they disapprove of, some commenters get all genetic about it. As you know, I'm a big culture person. The Brits of a few hundred years back would have understood these New Brits completely.

Here's a girl who loved beneath her and paid a tragic price. Best version is by the matchless Ray Fisher :

"Oh, Fyvie's lands are far and wide
An' they are wondrous bonnie
But I wadnae give my ain true love
Not for all your lands o' Fyvie"

At this her faither struck her sore
And likewise did her mother
Her sisters all they did her scorn
But woe be tae her brother

For her brother struck her wondrous sore
With cruel strokes and many
He broke her back against the high hall door
All for loving Andrew Lammie

"Oh faither, mother, sisters all
Why sae cruel tae your Annie ?
My heart was broken first by love
Now my brother's broke my body"


Anonymous said...

Comments have been turned off in the following post (More Grooming in Northern Mill Towns) by 'a blog administrator'. What's going on?

Laban said...

I thought it wise, as sometimes, unsurprisingly things get a lttle overheated. Let the facts speak for themselves on that post.

Anonymous said...

In any case, what I wanted to say relates to this post and the following post. Hope this isn't too overheated.

Maybe the problem of grooming up North isn't as racial/ethnic as first appears (nowithstanding the comment about 'Hussein taking “great pleasure” in having young white girls at his beck and call.') We should look instead at the incentives. Groom a Pakistani girl: her father, brothers and uncles will beat the crap out of you - and possibly worse. Groom a white girl: her parents may eventually notice but won't think it particularly odd for a 13-year-old to have a 24-year-old boyfriend; they may report it to the police, who won't do anything; they may report it to social services, who will put her into foster care making access even easier.

If you're going to be a groomer, picking white girls seems entirely rational.

JuliaM said...

"...Groom a white girl: her parents may eventually notice but won't think it particularly odd..."

Or, may choose to ignore it if they can benefit from it:

"The mother of a 13-year-old tennis prodigy discovered that her daughter was having a lesbian affair with her coach but did not report the matter until the girl’s career flagged ten months later, a court was told yesterday."

I would have posted this observation under the post it's more relevant to, if the comments hadn't been disabled.

Anonymous said...

How can white parents protect their daughters from Pakistani groomers when it sounds like one can be put in jail, lose their job or be socially ostracized in Britain just for giving a Muslim a dirty look?

Perhaps those parents were afraid of being accused of "racism" if they objected to their daughters "going out" with Pakistanis.

When little boys are "investigated" for shouting "go back to your country" at a violent child abuser, it's not unreasonable to suppose that telling a Pakistani "groomer" to leave one's daughter alone could get you a sentence for "racial abuse".

Those poor parents have no way out, except to move away. Fight the Pakistanis - the parents and their children will undoubtedly be beaten, threatened, harassed -- and then put on trial for "racial abuse" while of course, the Pakistanis will go free.

We live in a society in which "racism" is the worst possible crime anyone can commit (if you're white -- if you're not white you can do whatever you please.) A worse crime than being a child molester or child beater, worse than being a serial murderer, worse than being a traitor to your country.

You expect these parents to protect their daughters ably when this is an example of what they have to fight?

anonymous -- the problem isn't brown on white -- the problem is Muslim vs. infidel. This is the way all infidel girls are treated in Muslim societies. The young daughters of Coptic Christians in Egypt are the same color as the Muslims, but they are routinely kidnapped and raped by Muslims, so much so that the Coptic Christian community has tried complaining to the UN about it. Ditto Hindu and Christian girls in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...


The colour/ethnicity/religion of the groomers is irrelevant. Any groomer - Asian or otherwise - would be insane to attempt to groom a Pakistani girl. She knowns that her own community would shun her and he would be lucky to get away with his life.

The working-class morality driving Jack Carter would be laughed at today.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Susan, I realise you were making a point - and very ably, if I may say so - but the reference to us as infidels is still not good. It should be prefaced, in my opinion, with "so-called" or similar. We should not be defined by them.

Personally, when referring to the two, I always refer to muslims and normal people. This is not specifically to be insulting, but because I believe islam is a cult and most (not all) of its adherents are as brainwashed and unbalanced as those of any other cult.

As I have written before, mohammed was the L Ron Hubbard of his day.

Anonymous said...

PS - I absolutely take your point about the owners of Britain, the indigenes, not being "allowed" by the thought police to give a Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Somali a dirty look. You better not even beat them out at a red light or park in a space they had their eye on

We need to change the name of the British police to the Dhimmi police.

Anonymous said...

Still no media coverage on the Charlotte Downes tragedy.