Saturday, October 06, 2007

"there are today more men and women in jobs than ever in our history"

So sayeth the Jelly-Bellied Flag-Flapper.

Trouble is, they're not going to Brits.

More than half of all new jobs have gone to foreigners since Labour came to power. The statistics put Britain is at the bottom of a European league of countries for getting jobs for its own citizens.

The figures, compiled by the House of Commons library using data from the European Labour Force Survey, showed that, between 1997 and 2006, 54 per cent of all new jobs in Britain – 862,000 jobs – were taken by foreigners, compared to 731,000 jobs for Britons. Over the same period, the number of British nationals in the workforce went up by 2.8 per cent, compared to a 90 per cent increase in the number of foreigners. In a league table showing the increase of nationals in the workforce, Britain was ranked 11th out of 12 EU countries, behind Spain (32 per cent), France (13.6 per cent) and Germany (7.4 per cent). Only the Czech Republic was behind Britain.

James Clappison, the Tory MP who obtained the figures, said Britain's place in the table was due to its migration policies and the issuing of work permits. He added: "Gordon Brown's boast of British jobs for British workers is substantially hollow."

This really is criminal. When Blair chickened out of welfare reform early on and sacked Frank Field his government missed its chance to transform Britain. Just as Bill Clinton was able to dramatically reduce, though not eradicate, American welfare dependency, a Labour government could have taken on the Polly Toynbees and Rowntree Foundations to change the underclass culture that's grown up since the 70s.

How many jobs for non-Brits again since 1997 ? 862,000.

How many on Jobseekers Allowance ? 852,900. Plus a million or more who, in the words of this lefty (and probably tax-funded) thinktank, "have been diverted from unemployment to incapacity benefits".


Anonymous said...

Read the comments section
Is this the first UK internment camp, built by Common Purpose?

Anonymous said...

Read the comments section in the above link

Laban said...

Somewhat off topic and in danger of deletion for that reason. I do have email.

Anonymous said...

I don't have email by choice.
It does need a follow through though.
Thanks for not deleting.
There are a lot of strange things that you bloggers are missing.

Anonymous said...

Dissenting note: Clinton didn't end welfare dependency. It was forced on him by the Republican-controlled Congress.

Clinton II wants to re-introduce welfare dependency in spades.

Ross said...

I was pretty much going to say what Susan did, it's not really true to say that Clinton was responsible for welfare reform, all that he did was not get in the Republican's way.

Anonymous said...

There are still many "inputs" who prefer to remain unemployed, at a great cost to everyone.
That the Government prefers to cover this up by the use of the Official Secrets Act is entirely in keeping with other developments throughout society. They are also guilty of extreme racism against the existing race of the UK, and that is why they are seeking to deny such a race!