Friday, October 05, 2007

Jon Gaunt

I consider Talk Sport to be an invention of the devil (aka R. Murdoch), but I like the cut of Jon Gaunt's jib.

Despite the fact that he built audiences wherever he went, Gaunt's tendency to editorialise made him an uncomfortable fit at the BBC, which is governed by strict rules about impartiality. "I only fitted in at the BBC because I was successful," he agrees. "They would have sacked me otherwise. Of course I should be on Radio 5." In case I missed the point, he repeats: "I should be on Radio 5. I should be doing that show at 9 o'clock in the morning. [Host] Victoria Derbyshire's useless. In the interests of impartiality, balance and Reithian values, they should have me on - clearly flag what sort of show it is, have guests on who oppose what I say - and that would be proper radio. Do you think Victoria Derbyshire and Nicky Campbell don't have their political bias? They come with a soft-liberal, left-leaning view, all of them. And that's what's wrong with the BBC."


Anonymous said...

John Gaunt and Billy Bragg are two sides of the same coin. Both live in the country sending their children to private or minimally diverse schools. They both preach equality of different “population clusters”/races which is completely at variance with many years of scientific empirical observation and more recent biological evidence. Neither lives with the consequences of their duplicity.

Not one single commentator in the UK who is paid to commentate acknowledges that equality is a myth. However, as approaching one third of all infants born in England have non-European ancestry, their children will reap what their parents have sown.

Anonymous said...

Laban wrote ... I like the cut of Jon Gaunt's jib . ...

This Guardian article reads like a press release for Gaunt’s new book. In the Guardian? Why? ... But isn't there a danger that by stoking this issue in the pages of the Sun or on the airwaves, Gaunt could give succour to the BNP? "Well, yes sometimes I probably do, because I'm right on the tightrope. That could happen. And I do get people ringing up or texting in with abhorrent views. ... But I hope that by talking hard about immigration in the paper I can actually start to modify people's views and say to them it isn't about skin colour." That’s why. He has greatly increased the potential number of purchasers for his book amongst Reality Deniers in the short term by jumping on the egalitarian juggernaut and short-changed everybody’s children in the medium term.

Anonymous said...

Gaunt may be a step in the right direction for radio but having read the interview its clear he is just another race denying liberal. He is in favour of for all-black parliamentary candidate shortlists!? Of course he is also in favour of all-white only short lists? Yeah right.

bernard said...

The others have the measure of Gaunt, that's for sure!

"Like the cut of his jib".(?)

I'd hang him from the yard-arm.

I think he's a liberal-media whore, who would sleep with whatever current issue looks popular at the time.
Around last May's local elections he ranted on interminably about how the BNP were ruining race relations in Britain.

Anonymous said...

I cannot allow your slur on the magnificent 'TalkSport' to pass unchallenged. From 6.00 to 10.00 in the morning we have nothing but non-stop 'footie' news and views from yet another of those incomprehensible Jocks who seem to govern the air waves of the nation, plus some know-it-all Yorkies (well, they're from north of Watford Gap services anyway) and sundry red-faced blustering 'Footie' fanatics on the telephone giving us their miniscule thoughts on the finer points of the previous night's match. Dreadful, you might think, but let me tell you that, apart from the news headlines, there is barely 10 seconds of politics in the whole programme. It's bliss, I tell you, bliss! And I'm beginning to pick up a few pointers about this 'footie' game and can now bore with the best of them on the advantages of the 5-7-3 formation - er, I think I've got that right.