Thursday, April 26, 2007

Postcode Policing

An Aberdeen they've got nothing to do ...

Mr Kennedy, who is a genetics student at Aberdeen University, said: "I said I was not a police officer, I said I am a stripper. They followed me into the bar, watched the show, then asked me to go back to the station. It was all quite friendly. When I went back later they said they were going to charge me. I have spoken to two solicitors and they do not know if it will go to court."

A spokesman for the Grampian force said the charges were in connection with wearing a police uniform and equipment in a public place.

In the days before target culture they'd have had a quiet word.

In Falkirk they've got nothing to do either ...

A policeman who threw away details of more than 14 crimes and invented excuses as to why they should not be investigated has escaped jail. Matthew Turner carried out the shirking campaign at Falkirk Police Station between November 2004 and August 2005. The crimes included two assaults, a housebreaking, three thefts and eight incidents of vandalism. Turner admitted 14 charges of wilful neglect of duty when he appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last month. On Thursday, he was ordered to carry out 225 hours community service. The court heard he was only the third police officer in Scotland in recent memory to face a criminal court on similar charges.

Fortunately his dereliction of duty has been discovered and the law enforced.

The court heard the alleged crimes he had wrongly marked "closed" were all re-investigated. In one case a suspect was sent a warning letter but none of the cases were taken to court.

I suppose they may have been harder to investigate so long after the event.


Anonymous said...

I was once present in a pub when an apparent policewoman walkes in, and began to get threatening with a party of lads at a table: after waving a truncheon and some handcuffs and getting them worried, ahe began to do a complete strip, and then sang "Happy Birthday" to one of them.
If the police are worried about having the uniform brought into disrepute, they shouldn't issue pampphlets wishing all the best to the rainbow queer carnival at Brighton, and they should do something about concerns like the following, whose URL I subjoin, and which, as far as i can see, appears perfectly genuine...make sure they only feel your collar!

Anonymous said...

Why did the police WATCH HIS SHOW and then arrest him? Haven't they got anything better to do?