Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some BBC Confusion Methinks

The main item on Today's 7 am news was to the effect that "Peter Halliday is to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to abusing choirboys over a period of five years. But the Church of England knew that he had admitted the offences 17 years ago." An in-depth report (RealAudio) follwed at 7.35.

Quite right too that they should be het up (maybe not le mot juste) about it. Only the other day I was bemoaning the dreadful record of both the CoE and Catholic churches when it came to dealing with dodgy divines, who have tended to be quietly moved to another parish as the complaints come in.

But what's this item at 7.15 ?

"Academics have uncovered a book written by a man who could well be considered the first advocate for gay rights (RealAudio). We speak to Dr Hal Gladfelder of Manchester University."

John Humphrys even invited Dr Gladfelder, author of such seminal works as "Plague Spots: Deviance and the Body in the Writings of John Cleland" to give a potted history of homosexual rights in the UK, interrupting Dr Gladfelder at the mention of Roy Jenkins with 'that great reforming Home Secretary'.

The actual document discovered by Dr Gladfelder is called 'Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplified'. It is available to Project Muse subscribers. I'd be interested to see a copy.

Perhaps the BBC, so disturbed by people who abuse choirboys, should check out the definition of 'pederasty'.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the BBC probally know about the Pedophilia but invoke the Lady Chatterley defence - it's okay but don't tell the servants.

If you are a member of the ruling elite you can indulge in practices that are denied the hoi polloi. Twas ever thus.

Anonymous said...

"Dr Gladfelder said: "This must be the first substantial treatment of homosexuality ever in English....I came across the scroll in a box of uncatalogued legal documents from 1750 at the National Archive in Kew."

Another example of the overweening sef-importance of academics. The first ever, or simply the earliest one as yet located by Dr Gladfelder...?

Reminds me of the MSM articles when someone locates a new dinosaur species: "The biggest/fiercest/spikiest beast to walk the earth!"

No, dumbass! The biggest/fiercest/spikiest thing you've found so far....

No Good Boyo said...

Did you hear the woman vicar the CoE wheeled out to explain their position? Even John Humphries lost patience with her endless repetition of what sounded like a social services' dept mission statement.

DJ said...

It's all about the HYPOCRISY!!!

Liberals love that charge themselves as being completely amoral themselves, it's one they're completely immune to. If an Anglican Bishop called for the Church to reach out to nonces, the Left would swoon, but since even the Anglican Church is still officially opposed to paedophilia, Leftists occupy themselves pointing out how much worse it is having perverts hidden in your ranks than vigorously calling for policies that make like easier for predators to strike again. Hey, the Left coddles perverts and they'll push the legislation to prove it, so at least they're honest, right ?