Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Few Late Bluebells From The Curate's Wood

I missed Mr Cuthbertson's response at Conservative Home to Matthew Parris' claim that Tony Blair will leave Britain "a happier country than he found it".

One of the comments, by sim, struck me.

I have canvassed extensively for the Conservative Party since 1987 - I have seen anger, enthusiasm, opposition and apathy.

What I had never seen until the 2005 GE was an incredible number of ordinary people saying either that they wished they could leave the UK, or that they were glad to be old so they wouldn't live to see more decline in the country they loved.

Time and again, voters said they didn't feel at home in their own land anymore - and this was not just a reference to immigration, which is very visible here.

Mr Parris vision of 'a kinder, gentler' nation is echoed in yesterday's Caroline Wyatt Today report (Realaudio) on the French first round results, where Segolene Royale's 'gentler France' is contrasted with Sarkozy's 'brutal' rhetoric. No bias there then.

More alleged Church abuse.

After his ordination in 1979 he was appointed assistant curate at a church in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, where he is accused of assaulting a 15-year-old.
When the boy’s mother informed the police and church authorities, Mr Smith was moved to another parish, eventually becoming vicar of St John the Evangelist Church in Clevedon, Somerset.

Both Catholic and CoE churhes have been guilty far too often of simply shuffling an accused priest elsewhere, often to continue assaults.

More alleged 'Brit' jihadis.

Younis Tsouli, from Shepherds Bush, West London, was born in Morocco but was granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain two months before his arrest. Tariq al-Daour was born in the United Arab Emirates of Palestinian parents and became a British citizen in May 2004.

Cheers to the Home Office for those particular decisions.

Is it not a bit strange for a Bullingdon Boy to be calling for more civility ?

The General Teaching Council investigates unacceptable behaviour.

- a classroom being vandalised during a break time, with windows smashed and glass thrown around the room, books destroyed and desks overturned;

- boys openly using mobile phones to download pornography, accessing obscene websites on school computers and making serious sexual suggestions to her;

- a pupil accusing her of hitting him, and threatening to report her to the police and sue her;

- having to stand guard by the classroom door to prevent students walking out.

The unacceptable behaviour, of course, is in reporting it.


Anonymous said...

Laban if people knew just how many scumbags the Home Office has granted ILR (indefinite leave to remain) I think the queues to leave would get a whole lot longer. Once these dirtbags get ILE/ILR it is damn near impossible to rescind it. Furthermore they can and do carry out crimes with impunity, knowing Her Majesties Government is virtually powerless to deport them thanks to the legions of human rights shysters who will take the Queens shilling to defend them. I used to be proud of my country and it's history, but we have been sold out by the liberals and all I see is further decline in a country which is heading to hell in a handcart.

Anonymous said...


Off-topic but thought you'd enjoy this - Billy Bragg answers your questions on St George's Day . Sample:

Why are you living in a big house in Devon and not in the middle of the multi-cultural utopia that you so love?" (Posted by Notorious Am, April 20, 6.15pm)

BB: "It’s Dorset actually. This is a question that I get asked all the time, an evolution from that old chestnut from the 20th century - ‘If you like socialism so much, why don’t you go and live in Russia’. I take it as a sign that the contributor has nothing to say on the topic in question – in this case Englishness and St George's Day. Stooping to personal attacks does nothing but undermine your credibility."

I believe it's called "evading the question".

Anonymous said...

Yes but we are governed by "Contras". Every society has its Contras whose brain hemistry makes them like unruly children rebelling and seeking to undermine authority....the disaster is when Authority collapses and they are left with no walls to bang their heads against.

If you play a soccer match and the other team doesn't show for the second half, you get the whole pitch to yourself with no direction to the game.

If the other team omes to join you so it is 22 men versus an empty goal life becomes depressing even as a few spectators start to offer token oppoosition to keep the game going