Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pointless Gesture Politics

No 1 : the 100 Labour MPs (and a few idiot Tories) who have asked for Parliament to be recalled to discuss Lebanon.

Why ?

"Labour MP Paddy Tipping, Mr Straw's parliamentary private secretary, said there was a strong case for a recall so ministers could hear people's views."

What exactly is the point ? We have no power to avert the conflict or impose a solution. The map ain't pink no more. Our armed forces are just getting ancient kit upgraded - after all, we need the money for those vital outreach workers.

They just want to emote in public.

No 2: John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, is to sleep on the floor of his cathedral for a week, in what the BBC 'Sunday' programme described as a 'rough shelter', in solidarity with those in the Middle East who are "sleeping in churches, bunkers, underground car parks and shelters in an attempt to escape from the bombs and rockets that are falling on both sides of the border".

Explaining the nature of his action, the Archbishop said: "Many thousands of people have been denied access to food and water as a result of the fighting. Why not join me in a spirit of fasting during the week by being prepared to forego a meal and donate the money to charities, like Save the Children fund, who are working in the conflict zone. At a future date we must all give generously to the reconstruction of Northern Israel, Lebanon and Palestine."

The Save The Children Fund is an unfortunate choice. As Stephen Pollard has pointed out, as you can see from their press adverts and their 'donate' page, 'Save the Children is responding throughout the region to assess and protect the needs of children caught up in the recent escalation of violence in the occupied Palestinian territories and Lebanon.'

You can read that two ways. Are SCF saying that there has been no escalation of violence in Israel ? Maybe those rockets don't exist. Or don't Jewish kids count ? Either way it stinks.


DJ said...

Or worse, Israel comes under 'occupied Palestinian territories'. Besides, if the Bish wants to identify with the oppressed, all he needs to do is change into plain clothes and wander round Bradford wearing a crucifix.

Anonymous said...

They don't look so bad.

Although I agree, the problem with modern Britain is the arrogance of our leaders, they think they have some kind of 'influence' in the world, its garbage. Who in the Mid-East would give a shit about Tony Blair if it wasn't for his friendship with Bush?

Anonymous said...

It seems that everyone is sided with Israel. No doubt the somewhat bias reporting of TV channels has something to do with it.

The MPs are just trying to make it seem like they're "with the mood of the people". Obviously, they mean the Muslim population. Shame they're not so riled up when it comes to real issues.

dearieme said...

Mr Paddy Tipping. Hee, hee, hee, hee. Mr Paddy, grmfl,Tipping. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. Spltch, spltch. Mr Pad......

Anonymous said...

I was a crewman on a FV432 for fiv years; I understand the flimsy 1/2 inch armor is being upgraded, but you are totally blind inside and in hot weather it's like a furnace. Also it needs a power assisted/operated ramp like the M113 for quick loading and exit. Unless they put in gun ports or ACAV style turrets and a really good cooling system, 432s will be useless in Iraq.