Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Children ! The Children !

The BBC are giving massive air to the 'story' that "'1m children' face home violence", according to a UNICEF report. It was all over the Today programme, second item on R4 news, and the Victoria Derbyshire phone-in on R5 is discussing it.

Two teensy pointettes.

The 1m headline figure turns out to be "between 240,000 and 963,000", 'violence' includes 'emotional violence', which, as we've seen before, includes 'not getting your fair share of the household money'.

And as a factor in poor outcomes for children, over two million live in one-parent families - not to mention the step-children. Many of these one-parent families are the outcome of cohabitation.

You're not likely to be told that by the BBC, though. And even less likely to be told that by Victoria Derbyshire.


Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not being too sensitive but the graphic used as a link on the front page of the bbc.news.co.uk website to the story ''Given up on life' One teenager tells how she was affected by domestic violence' features a 'white' hand hitting a black teenager.

No hidden agenda or subliminal message there...

Anonymous said...

Victoria presents Five Live Breakfast, weekdays from 6:00am on BBC Radio Five Live.

Anonymous said...

Not being a regular listener of R5L, I had to Google "Victoria Derbyshire".

I like this from her Wikipedia entry:

"On 17th May 2006, when opening his new Fifteen restaurant at Newquay in Cornwall, Jamie Oliver was interviewed by Victoria. Later, when talking to some students who happened to have a microphone running, he described Victoria as some stupid cynical bitch from Five Live and a stupid cow. [citation needed]

Anonymous said...

UNICEF's a fascist organisation, as is the entire UN, so of course, the BBC would give immense credence to whatever fantasies they come up with.

Children "not getting their fair share of the household money"? Hello? On which planet was this statement devised?