Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Labour Vote-Rigging ?

In Peterborough.

"Today, a community leader said he was "saddened" to hear that ex-city councillor and former Mayor Mohammed Choudhary is one of three people who were arrested by officers as part of an operation that has been ongoing for two years.

Mr Choudhary (47) represented the Central ward for Labour until the 2004 elections when he lost his seat. He was Mayor of Peterborough from May 1996 to April 1997.

Also arrested was Tariq Mahmood (39), a Labour party official, and Maqbool Hussain (50), who unsuccessfully stood in the 2004 Peterborough City Council elections as a Labour candidate for the Central Ward.

Today, detectives were planning to meet Peterborough City Council officials to discuss the investigation into the 2004 local elections.

There were concerns about the way the election was conducted in the Central, Park and Ravensthorpe wards after allegations were made of voting cards being sent to the wrong addresses.

In one incident, election officers discovered 20 people had registered to vote from one household."

In the immortal words of Ayoub Khan, "this is the politics of Pakistan or Bangladesh and they've brought it here".


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You mean it's happening just 13 miles from Bristol too?


Anonymous said...

This has been so sadly obvious for so long (that foreigners do not leave their culture behind at the port of embarkation - particularly when they are here in numbers) and yet this all takes our wretched government and incompetent syncophantic public services by surprise. Do they try to stop it? No. Their first instinct is to ignore it, then to deny it, and finally to pretend that it isn't really significant. So much easier to climb into bed with those who would exploit us than to stand up for principle, let alone the country and its indigenous peoples.

Laban said...

Be fair. The Irish did it too.

"Vote Early, Vote Often"