Friday, August 18, 2006

Bits And Bobs

Remember how the loss of the old industry doesn't matter, as we move into high-value-added, hi-tech stuff ?

The LG Electronics plant in Newport, south Wales is to close at the end of the year with the loss of 315 jobs. LG Electronics Wales, which assembles computer monitors on the site, blamed falling prices and expressed regret.

It is the only surviving LG factory on the site following a landmark investment in 1996, promising 6,000 jobs. Most failed to materialise.

"When I first moved to the area in 1989, the park did not have anything like the variety of ethnicities and nationalities using it. What has happened in London since then is possibly the most remarkable peacetime change in the ethnic composition of a European city. Without warning and by increment, a vast influx of people from around the world has changed the city into something like the idealized, happily multiethnic, liberal New York of my childhood."

When it used to be something like London. And not quite 'without warning', either. I seem to remember one or two alarmists being told not to be ridiculous. Michael Goldfarb gets lyrical about Clissold Park, London. Or does he ?

"Still, as I watch my daughter and listen to the din of a dozen languages, I feel an end-of-summer sadness. Someday soon, someone with an inability to value what is precious about Clissold Park will commit the act that shatters this small world and drives all of us into our corners."

Mr Goldfarb offers no clue as to the possible identity of Mr Someone.

Michael Totten's reporting from Northern Israel is a terrible consumer of my time. I couldn't stop till I'd read August 9th to 18th.

Littlejohn is on the Web again.

And finally ... can you imagine an NHS employee feeling free to express his feelings like this ?

Panayotis Spatharakis, director of the Heraklion Hospital, told the Daily Mirror: "We asked him why he did it and he told us he was very drunk and could not exactly remember what happened.

"I feel that once he recovers and understands what he has done he should commit suicide."


Guessedworker said...

Thanks for the Goldfarb link, Laban. Gave me a short post.

Laban said...

My problem with Mr Goldfarb (unlike some of your commenters) is not that he's Jewish. It's that he's an idiot.

Celebrating something unlikely, of a fragile beauty, and doomed to collapse is fine when it's a giant house of cards you're looking at.

Unfortunately these are people (of all races and cultures), not cards, who are likely to be damaged in the collapse.

Guessedworker said...

Well, we - that's the English - never asked them here, and have never been asked whether we want them. Now we have to act in our own interests, not that of humanity at large and not that of Jewry.

As for Goldie-my-boy, he is hardly an exception to the rule. Think "Hideously Jewish" Ted Cantle. How many Jews can you name who do NOT believe that every European homeland must made turned into Clissold Park?

It's not always Jews, if course. Livingstone is highly unlikely to be part-Jewish, notwithstanding his teasing on the issue. Paul Yuzyk in Canada was Ukrainian. But English and Ukrainians are not 99.9% in favour of cosmopolitanism.

And then, what is Mr Goldfarb's dream for Israel?

Laban said...

The Magna Mater Melanie ?

Laban said...

"we never asked them here"

But - and it's a very large but - we did not care to vote out of office those who did. We preferred to feel comfortable about ourselves, that we weren't nasty people.

As Mark Steyn says - the problem is us.

Charles Martel said...

"We preferred to feel comfortable about ourselves, that we weren't nasty people. "

very true. The Brits didnt conquer one third of the world, or defeat Hitler, by being "nice". your history is packed full of militarism , conquest and adventure.

but this seems to have gone down the memory hole in the post 1960s.

Jon Snow is a particularly good example of this - grandfather was a WW1 general , as Laban pointed out in another post.

Anonymous said...

I found the last link (about the drunk suicidare) interesting, if only for the fact that it mentions, parathentically, that attempted murder carries a possible snetence of 25 years in Greece. It would appear that the hand of the Colonels is not as dead as some might believe. Most gratifying.

Anonymous said...

In Goldfarb's paean to Clissold Park he neglects to mention that amidst the "ducks, geese and squawking moorhens who nest on the willow- draped island in the middle of the pond" lurks a more foreign invader. This small stretch of water has, in recent years, become host to a thriving population of Terrapins which as well as being foreign and exotic and an aquatic reflection of the multicultural society on the banks have a darker side to their nature. They also attack the indigent waterfowl and are quite capable of severing the unwary finger.
Brought to this country to suppliment the diversity of the pet community they have established their own particular ghetto.
Somewhat a metaphor of our times?

Anonymous said...

#1, who else was there you vote for, all three main parties are as bad.
#2, didn't you used to support this stuff laban? were you one of the people saying the alarmists were ridiculous?

#3, I am not anti Jew as gw, but on O'reilly 2-3 weeks ago he had an interview with far left American Jews asking them why they suddenly become right-wing hawks with regard to Israel and if there wasn't some hypocrisy going on although I don't think he used that word. Ofcourse they couldn't give a real answer just muttered some bs about the constitution.