Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Out !

Baroness Kennedy's report - "People Like Me Have Been In Power For 40 Years - What's Wrong With Democracy ?" - is now available.

In the words of the psychiatrist at Fawlty Towers - "there's enough material here for a whole conference !"

Alas reality trumps satire again.

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Anonymous said...

This is just the turkeys trying to avoid voting for christmas.

Democracy is wrecked by the very concept of the political party. We have been conditioned over the last 100 years to vote for "ideas" instead of people, and allow some faceless apparatchik to appoint some loser to enact those ideas and, if they have time, to represent the people.

Democracy is about people representing people. Political parties are an abuse of the democratic system, their very existance only serves to maintain their power, not to serve democracy.

Political partys lessen the choice.

Why are we voting for a person who subscribes to a political ideal but in reality does not actually agree with most of the manifesto s/he holds ? It is a charade, a con, it is fraudulent, and it is certainly not democracy in any guise.

Political parties encourage election abuse.

PR consolidates the party political system, it makes democracy even further removed, the very idea of the "party vote allocation" is an abomination and leads to obnoxious people gaining power even though no-one actually voted for them, and probably wouldn't, given the choice.

Any form of vote other than FPP would spell the death knell to Indepedent candidates. Lets remember that true democracy involves individual voting for other individuals, with independent ideas.

Ban any political party with exclusive membership, and end this situation. But how many "professional" politicians are going to vote for that ?