Monday, February 27, 2006

Yazza - "Rich Businessmen for Bin Laden ?"

I do love Yazza (who now has a richly-deserved, full, three-item page in the Indie - today featuring a fetching photograph of the late Queen of Hearts), but she does walk a fine line. I understand what she's saying alright, but does she appreciate how it comes across ?

"This week, I have been at three events where the majority of people in the audience were educated, sharp Muslims, some exceedingly rich and good friends with key politicians and Prince Charles. Guantanamo Bay and Iraq are topics that now madden even these establishmentarians.

One gentleman took my elbow, shuffled me to a discreet corner and whispered 'I have been here for 40 years, dined with royalty. Today, if I was young, I would go straight to Bin Laden. Mr Blair is a war criminal. Don't put my name down, but tell him we detest him'".

Yazza is making a point about how we need to change our foreign policy and how many people it's upsetting. Seemingly unconsciously, she's also saying that unless we do, people who have been here for years, who have grown wealthy and lead a lifestyle more privileged than any most Brits have known - that those people will support those who would like to kill us by the thousands, the tens of thousands, if possible by the millions. Which is all of a piece with the motif running like a bass and cello theme under so many news reports and op-ed articles.

"They're lovely, peaceful people. And if you upset them, they'll riot. Or worse."

Blair has no intention of doing anything about the chain migration which, along with natural fecundity and a severe shortage of lesbian feminists, will have tripled the Muslim population of places like Bradford in thirty years.

The liberal elite's attitude to Islam reminds me of Churchill's comment about Prince Paul of Serbia, whose nation had deeply offended Hitler by the (anti-German) coup of early 1941, but who feared to provoke Germany by mobilising their armed forces.

Prince Paul's attitude, Churchill wrote, "is that of an unfortunate man in a cage with a tiger - hoping not to provoke him, while steadily dinner time approaches".


Anonymous said...

So its not just the poor and downtrodden unintegrated welfare dependants??

Anonymous said...

Yeah peaceful extremely violent people. Orwell was right.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it's interesting how far the 'Bin Laden Has A Point' crew extend into society at large - not just this kindly old buffer who would destroy Western Civ if only he was 40 years younger... I'm always telling pleasant, well-meaning people that OBL's declaration of war on the Great Satan goes back to the mid-90s, just as the US and its allies were helping Muslims in Kosovo. And still they think of Islamism as a Romantic third-world cause - Che in a dish-dash - rather than the globally franchised theo-fascism that it is. They, Yazza and her poisonous old nameless chum just don't get it yet. What will it take?

Anonymous said...

I think GK Chesterton had them right in 1920:

"It was exactly because it seemed self-evident, to Moslems as to Bolshevists, that their simple creed was suited to everybody, that they wished in that particular sweeping fashion to impose it on everybody.

"It was because Islam was broad that Moslems were narrow. And because it was not a hard religion it was a heavy rule.

"Because it was without a self-correcting complexity, it allowed of those simple and masculine but mostly rather dangerous appetites that show themselves in a chieftain or a lord. As it had the simplest sort of religion, monotheism, so it had the simplest sort of government, monarchy. There was exactly the same direct spirit in its despotism as in its deism.

"The Code, the Common Law, the give and take of charters and chivalric vows, did not grow in that golden desert. The great sun was in the sky and the great Saladin was in his tent, and he must be obeyed unless he were assassinated.

"Those who complain of our creeds as elaborate often forget that the elaborate Western creeds have produced the elaborate Western constitutions; and that they are elaborate because they are emancipated."

Anonymous said...

I hear Uganda is welcoming back the asiams expelled by Idi Amin. Isnt it about time Yazza went back? Perhaps some (all) of these wealthy muslims could join her, at last they would be escaping the dreadful yoke of western oppression.

Gordon Freece said...

It's interesting that Jews are suspected of having unforgivable and sinister "dual loyalties" if they aren't aggressively hostile to Israel. Even generally reliable "conversos" like Nick Cohen are in for it in a flash if they deviate by a millimeter from the standard narrative.

But somehow, it's noble and admirable for Muslims in the West to have, actually, a single loyalty — to Islam.

Laban said...

"But somehow, it's noble and admirable for Muslims in the West to have, actually, a single loyalty — to Islam"

To be fair, I would hope that Christians would place their duty to God before all other duties, so I could hardly moan about Muslims doing the same.

The thing is, I find many things to admire in British Muslims. What strikes me as odd is that comfortable (white) liberal atheists, who would be horrified at Christians taking their religion seriously, look in the other direction when Islam is the subject.