Sunday, February 26, 2006


Last year's Wales game at Murrayfield was like a home match for the invading Welsh - courtesy of the SRU. The pre-match entertainment not only featured the pipes and drums, but a male voice choir, who took over for the 15 minutes before the teams came out. So we all sang that beautiful hymn 'Delilah'.

Great fun, but I'd have preferred the pipes. I like to be in Scotland when I'm in Scotland - give me the cliches please (excepting the neds and the junkies). No wonder the Scots were massacred.

What a contrast with the England game. The pitch appeared to be in the possession of a couple of schiltrons left over from Haildon Hill, and England ran on in the gloom between flaming torches held by wild, plaid-clad figures.

Ir certainly didn't do them any good. Perhaps England supporters next year should dress as longbowmen.


Anonymous said...

How about an Oliver Cromwell lookalike and New Model Army reenactment society for the pre game show against Ireland?

For France we could have an Iron Duke lookalike chasing a dwarf dressed as Napoleon.

Obviously Scotland require something really special so I think it has to be a reenactment of William Wallace being hanged, drawn and quartered whilst the Scottish players look on.

William said...

The Welsh can perform a reenactment of the Battle of Humbleton Hill, where Welsh longbowmen decimated the Scottish forces in 1402.