Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gogginssss ....

From the Guardian :

Tony Wright, a clever Labour MP, said we had heard enough from the minister about who would not be prosecuted under the act. But who might be?

Mr Goggins - his boss, Charles Clarke looked simultaneously stony-faced and embarrassed at his side, which is quite a trick - said vaguely that you might get a poster "showing women wearing burkas, saying that such women are not to be trusted, er, could be suicide bombers, er, who knows what they are hiding under their coats, a poster of that kind ..."

All black she was herself, too, and cloaked and hooded up, as if she did not want to be known. "Now what in the Shire can she want ?" I thought to myself.

"Good day to you !" I says, going out to her. "This lane don't lead anywhere, and wherever you may be going, your quickest way will be back to the road." I didn't like the looks of her.

"I come from yonder" she said, slow and stiff-like, pointing back west, over my fields if you please. "Have you seen Goggins ?" she asked in a queer voice, and bent down towards me. I could not see any face, for her hood fell down so low, and I felt a sort of shiver down my back. But I did not see why she should come riding over my land so bold.

"Be off !" I said. "There are no Gogginses here. You're in the wrong part of the Shire. You had better go back west to Hobbiton - but you can go by road, this time."

"Goggins has left," she answered in a whisper. "He is coming. He is not far away. I wish to find him. If he passes will you tell me ? I will come back with gold."

(with apologies to JRR Tolkein)

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