Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Isiah Young-Sam Update

I thought I'd hang fire on this post lest I find myself doing seven years, but it seems God's above the devil yet.

Remember Isiah Young-Sam ? The young black Christian, victim of a targeted racist murder during the Lozells riots ? The one who DIDN'T get 24/7 BBC news coverage ?

Police may have found a clue.

Police are hunting the owner of a bandana found near where a 23-year-old man was killed in the Birmingham riots.

Isiah Young-Sam was stabbed in Lozells in October while walking home from the cinema with his brother and friends.

West Midlands Police said the bandana is black and white with a number of white crescents and stars.

It has been undergoing forensic testing and officers now hope people will recognise it and tell them who owned it or where it was bought.

Notice the absence of the R-word from the report.

I can't help thinking I've seen a design like this before.

Wiccans ?


Anonymous said...

Kriss Donald's murder was headline news on Radio 1 today, some men have just been charged. No mention of how and why he was killed.

Anonymous said...


Martin said...


The fact that some homosexuals use the Rosary as a fashion accessory does not mean that they go to Benediction.

Laban said...

mk - well they jolly well should !

As long as it's in Latin of course.