Friday, February 03, 2006

BBC - Half Way Out From Cowering Under The Desk

BBC radio news headlines :

"BBC news has shown brief clips of the cartoons"

I watched the television news, but was disappointed not to hear

" ... and those of you who don't want to see the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) ... please look away now ..."

It seems to work for the footy ...


Anonymous said...

Did they really say 'pbuh'?

Anonymous said...

Nope, but they might just of well have said it in their attempt to be even handed.

Funny how when the BBC is being attacked by Govt, freedom of the press is everything - however that isnt quite the editorial line they are taking this time is it. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

I don't understand it when they say 'Mohammed (SAW)'. I mean, what's he got to do with Stock, Aitken and Waterman? Did he win Prophet Idol or something?