Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Busy Again ...

Go read - Clive Davis on the black Republican vote and Biased BBC on the cartoon wars, which have been slewing round the blogs for months (for example at Irene Adler and Samizdata), but which the MSM have just discovered.

The B-BBC story is interesting but alas untypical. When the Danish paper published cartoons on Mohammed, they were obviously not offensive enough to get a decent reaction from the Ummah. So someone in the protesting community (is that OK. Mr Goggins ?) of Denmark added a couple of 'extras' - the prophet with a pig's head and a couple worse than that.

The BBC are reporting the fake cartoons as being published by the newspaper.

Update 2 pm January 31.Rob Broomby on BBC Radio 4’s PM last night (and well spotted Eammon):
'The blue touch paper had been lit by a series of cartoons published in a Danish newspaper in September. One portrayed the Prophet Mohammed with a turban shaped like a time bomb. Another showed him with a face of a pig.'

The time bomb WAS in the newspaper. The pig wasn't. We pay £3 billion a year for untrue news that may (if the Koran-flushing story is any guide) cost lives.


JohnM said...

Publishing false stories about different communities can contribute to society's divisions. I wonder if the BBC realise that they are generating race hatred by reproducing such a false story?

Edward said...

But this sort of hatred is gathering steam:

The Moai said...

It's amazing isn't iot? More an dmore I see great stories passing round the blogosphere that can take months to turn up in the dead trees. Fjordman has covered this in such depth and now the MSM turns up.