Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I presume the Dumb One has his facts right here ? That what's at issue isn't the ability of the Crown to say "Well, we had Ahmed X tortured over in Egypt, and he says that you asked him for 100 kilos of Semtex". Instead what we're being asked to do is to declare evidence inadmissable if it comes from a country where people might possibly be tortured ?

If you recall, one of the 10-odd guys held in Belmarsh successfully fought extradition to France a few years back on the grounds that the evidence against him was a product of French torture. You'll almost certainly get lawyers waving photos of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamera - that's the US off the list. Indeed, as renowned Guardian journalist Gerry Adams tells us, we British use torture extensively.

We won't be able to take evidence from any country - including our own. I suppose that's what the Gareth Pierces and Clive Stafford-Smiths want. Ho hum ...

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