Friday, October 21, 2005

Half A Huzzah

The "Do Not Resuscitate" order on baby Charlotte Wyatt was lifted today.

But don't go getting the ideas that parents should have more say over their child's life than doctors.

Reading a statement outside the court, Pat Forsyth, a spokeswoman for St Mary's hospital, said the judgement was very clear.

"Doctors are not required to act against Charlotte's best interests. In practice, this means that the paediatricians will continue to work with the parents and hopefully agree treatment for Charlotte at all stages.

"However, if there is a future disagreement we have a very clear direction from the court that the doctors are not required to ventilate Charlotte when it is not in her best interests to do so."

Ms Forsyth could have more truthfully said "when the doctors do not consider it is in her best interests to do so". But when was the last time anyone put up a 'spokesperson' to tell the truth ?

(Thanks to James Hamilton for the news)

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