Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Social Disapproval - New Grounds for Asylum

The Today programme featured a long item (RealAudio) this morning. Apparently the famous police raid on a Birmingham brothel, where 19 women were rescued from traffickers a week or two back, is not as first reported.

Of the 19 women, only one is claiming that she was there against her will. And she is claiming asylum - supported by the (State-funded) refugee agencies and "human rights activists" - on the grounds that friends and relatives back home will ostracise her when they find out how she's been earning a living.

Surely that means that the American National Socialists (not neo-Nazis - this lot go for the full swastika and jackboot effect) who demonstrated in Toledo, Ohio, on the weekend, qualify for refuge here should they wish it.

They marched ostensibly against gang violence. The locals disapproved of them, and expressed this disapproval by burning buildings, smashing up cars and looting shops. I'd hazard a guess that few of these shops were owned or staffed by swastika-wearers.

Face Right has the whole sorry story.

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