Thursday, October 20, 2005

Homophobia and Church News

When David Morley was beaten to death in an unprovoked attack last year, Rasputin issued a press release implying that Anglicans who disapproved of homosexual clergy used the kind of language that inspired Mr Morley's killers.

I pointed out at the time that said killers were unlikely to be churchgoers.

Rasputin wasn't the only one to blame "homophobia" for Mr Morley's death. There was a march through London, Peter Tatchell blamed Jamaican singers - probably a bit nearer the mark than Rasputin was. One and all shouted "homophobia" !

So it's with joy and relief that we greet the news that it WASN'T a homophobic attack. It turns out Mr Morley was one of eight people assaulted that night, of which two at most were homosexual. The perpetrators were doing it for fun - they'd have killed a straight just as happily. Just an ordinary, multiracial crew of young Londoners out for a good time.

Thank heavens. We can all breathe again. Except Mr Morley, of course.

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