Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another US Outrage

From the "British" Broadcasting Corporation.

US probe into 'Taleban burnings'

The US military has launched a criminal investigation into alleged misconduct by its troops in Afghanistan, including the burning of Taleban corpses.
The move came after an Australian TV station ran footage of what it says was US soldiers burning the remains.

The footage shows other troops apparently taunting residents of a nearby village, which they believed to be harbouring the Taleban.

The act of burning corpses is regarded as a sacrilege in Islam

I think the BBC should point out that when British Imperial administrators were killed by religious zealots on the North-West Frontier, the offender would be sewn up in a pig's skin before being burned and his ashes scattered on a river. This was offensive to Islam - and meant that the soul of the dead man could not reach Paradise.

"Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission said US forces would be in breach of the Geneva Convention, which says that enemy dead should be honourably interred."

Someone ought to have a word with the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. They really should be aware that the Afghan custom has traditionally been to castrate a dead enemy before stuffing the severed genitals into the deceased's mouth. Brings a whole new meaning to the word 'honourable'.

I won't even start on what happens if you're wounded or captured.

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