Thursday, April 07, 2005

Political Policing

Is the Pub Philosopher my long-lost twin ? He's not impressed by the mysterious coincidence of the election announcement with the arrest of the BNP leader, which follows a series of arrests over the last nine months. Charges are then usually dropped after computers have been taken away.

If this kind of harassment was happening to a Left party, Liberty, Amnesty, and the Guardian would be jumping up and down. The collective memory of student days and 'No Platform For Fascists' is too strong for them to do the right thing. Similarly the 'human rights' organisations passed the persecution of Harry Hammond by, and in the United States the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) actually supported Michael Schiavo in his successful bid to have his wife starved to death.

What New Labour are doing is not only a complete perversion of state power, and an attack on the civil liberties of every Briton, it's not even going to work. As long as immigration continues at historically unprecedented levels, and Native Brits find themselves approaching minority status in city after city, politics will inexorably tend towards becoming based on ethnicity. This isn't a trend I welcome, being a old-fashioned follower of H.I.M., but I can't see it going away.

Labour are therefore micturating into a demographic Force 10, not to mention sowing dragon's teeth.

THe Philosopher's views on Why Ben and Chloe Moved To Buckinghamshire also bear a remarkable resemblance to this piece of mine. The man's a genius I tell you !

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