Sunday, April 03, 2005

"I lost him to a jukebox and a pinball machine"

So Norm missed Emmylou's birthday. Seems the right time to remind folks that there's only one song about Amarillo. I used to play a mean game of pinball, too.

If we only hadn't stopped in there for coffee
If someone hadn't played the Window Up Above
He'd still be mine today but he heard those fiddles play
One look and then I knew this must be love
Oh that pinball machine was in the corner
Well he saw the lights and he had to hear 'em ring
And he never was the same after he won his first free game
Oh I lost him to a jukebox and a pinball machine

Oh Amarillo what'd you want my baby for
Oh Amarillo now he won't come home no more
You done played a trick on me hooked him in the first degree
While he put another quarter push Dolly and then Porter
While he racks up fifty thousand on the pinball machine

Pinball photo from this excellent site.

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