Sunday, April 03, 2005

"A perfect and consistent image of the modern world"

Aaro on the evil Right and their evil thoughts :

"There are too many immigrants. Criminality goes unpunished while law-abiding citizens are victimised. Hard-working people are penalised by high taxes that go to pay for no-hopers to study Mickey Mouse courses at former polytechnics. It's all going to the dogs."
Yay ! He broke the code ! Nick Cohen's on message too :

"Liberal Democrats are so soft on crime they would tear down the jails and let murderers roam the streets; Labour is sending paedophiles to rape your daughters, while it puts up your taxes, dumps gypsies in your backyard and calls you a 'racist' if you complain. "
Tell it like it is, Nick !

From the Observer editorial :

"Britain is the well man of Europe."

But from Mary Riddell :

"our fractured society ... suddenly I am afraid ... I am scared by the statistic that three-quarters of boys excluded from school, as he was, have used a weapon. I am disturbed that a teaching union has reported a surge in classroom violence .... most of all, I am alarmed that, despite the overall fall in crime, a new mood of casual cruelty is fermenting in cities ... why the knives and the gangs of teenagers practising the elastic-hipped swagger of the pretend assassin? Why the wave of rapes and murders combining adult savagery and the capricious pointlessness of childish rage?"
Cheer up, Mary ! Everything's wonderful. I'm afraid you've been listening to that nasty Mr Howard again. Talk to Nick and David - they'll set you right.

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