Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Blogs

There are some good new Brit blogs emerging.

Albion Blogger at A Very British Insurgency on what used to be called 'racial discrimination' but is now 'positive discrimination' :

How on earth does anybody expect to encourage buy-in to the multicultural experiment that the UK is undergoing when the white majority can see that discrimination is only illegal if they do it but is not illegal - in fact, it's legal and encouraged - if it's carried out against them?

A long and well thought out post - read the whole thing.

Pub Philosopher on immigration and the working class, propmpted by this Herald Tribune piece :

It always amuses me when middle class people condemn working class racism and say: "I don't understand racism," or "I have lots of friends from ethnic minorities," the sub-text being that the working class must all be hate filled savages who are unable to see beyond the colour of a person's skin.

This ignores the fact that most working class and middle class people have totally different experiences of living with immigrants.

Another long post well worth reading, as is the IHT article.

Militant Moderate has a new contributor and an explosion of posts on the election. I'm trying to work out where the Gardeners Arms is that serves Timothy Taylors beer - it doesn't travel well once you get more than 15 miles from Bingley.

Cleverclogs Stumbling and Mumbling ask "whatever happened to Ricardian Equivalence ?"

As I recall, he got injured, lost his place in the Middlesborough team, and now plays in Italy for Parma.

Meanwhile across the pond, two posts on gun control by Mulatto Advocate. I hear a lot about the (true) fact that the areas of the US with the worst crime rates (including gun crime) just happen to be those with the toughest restrictions on gun ownership. What I hadn't really thought about is the effect of these restrictions on the law-abiding poor. After all, the bad boys aren't going to apply for a licence, are they ?

Imagine you're a blue collar family, or a single person making minimum wage. You don't live in the best neighborhood. In fact, you live in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Your car and home have been broken into.

You want a handgun to protect yourself, but you can't afford a "Quality" handgun. You have to settle for something less.

Now let's look at this scenario for a minute. Who might fit this description? Off the top of my head I can think of one big group - inner city Blacks and Latinos. Add to this the requirements in these same areas for licensing and in some cases, safety training. You can't afford a gun safety class; hell, you can barely afford the gun. Even the $200 "Saturday Night Special" now costs over $500 because of all the hoops the state (and city) put you through.

This gives you exactly three choices:

Option One:
Bite it off, and jump through the hoops, you'll just have to eat macaroni and cheese all month.

Option Two:
Remain defenseless and at the mercy of the criminals, hoping the Police can get there in time if things really go South.

Option Three:
Become a criminal yourself by buying a piece off the black market without licensing and registration.

Oh sorry, I forgot - you can't get a cheap handgun because they're considered "junk", and have been banned. Man, even an entry level revolver sells for upwards of $350. Forget the semi-autos, they're way too expensive.

So, there you are, poor, Black and defenseless.

Just the way they want you.

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