Thursday, May 20, 2004


Via Harry, a link to a wonderful site. Here's a sample, but read the whole thing. And link to it. As I shall.

"At a local StW Coalition meeting I attended the question was raised, “What do we want the outcome of the war to be?” On a personal level, my view was that, although I opposed the decision to go to war, I felt that the least worst outcome would be a swift coalition victory, ending the whole business as quickly as possible and causing the minimum amount of suffering to the Iraqi people. Others at the meeting, took a different view. They stated that what they hoped for was for Britain and the US to receive, as they put it “a bloody nose.” By this they meant they hoped for the coalition to lose the war with massive casualties.

This was too much for me. Quite apart from the unpalatable issue of being asked to hope for the mass slaughter of one’s own countrymen, which I was not prepared to do, the only way such a scenario could conceivably come about would be one in which Iraqis, soldiers and civilians alike, died in even greater droves. What happened to this being about compassion for the people of Iraq? Within days, I had stopped attending StW Coalition events.

It’s a safe bet that those at that meeting who were praying for the War in Iraq to turn into a gigantic bloodbath are now cheering on the guerrilla attacks on coalition troops that have continued after the war, in full knowledge of the fact that by far the greatest number of casualties caused by the guerrillas are Iraqi civilians."

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