Monday, May 17, 2004

She's At It Again ...

AL Kennedy in the Guardian.

"Last night Mr Blair - contacted by cell phone - also had nothing but praise for the troops who have reduced his state dining room to a glowing shell filled with the stench of burning flesh. "I can only send my heartfelt support to the coalition forces. I think I speak for all of us here when I say that we welcome their cluster bombs, their re-branded napalm and their intermittent tracer fire."

Haven't the Guardian realised yet that they are paying over and again for what is essentially the same article ?

I must get one of her books out of the library. She can't be as bad a writer as she appears, surely.

(The library, declining as it is, is sure to have some. An organisation staffed by nice, middle-class, vaguely feminist women tends to stock a lot of books by vaguely feminist women. I like to measure the 'Waugh/Weldon ratio' in a library - the number of Evelyn Waugh books on the shelves against the number of Fay Weldons. Usually a 1/5 ratio. But try, say, asking for Thomas Moore's poetry, of which there's not one copy in the whole of Gloucestershire's libraries, including the Reference sections.)

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