Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Bishop Bashing Latest ...

Following the defeat of the attempt to install Canon Elton John as Bishop of Reading by a small but determined sect calling themselves "Christians", those progressives attempting to get the Church Of England's historic struggle against homophobia back on track have appointed him Dean of St Albans, an appointment in the gift of one T. Blair.

In an attempt to pre-empt the groundswell of opinion which forced the Reading decision to be reversed, he will be confirmed in his post three months earlier than expected. Opposition is certainly not lacking, and one church is already witholding its diocesan funding in protest. They could do worse than to send the money to the Church in Africa.

Not a bad site, gay.com. They also have reports on the treatment of Tatchell & Co. on the Palestine march, and the really big story - that Julia Volkova of Tatu is pregnant.

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