Thursday, May 20, 2004

BBC Bias Part 948

John Humphrys displays his liberal conscience on the latest Abu Ghraib photos.

"I've seen them ... they're actually waving, grinning ... quite shocking stuff to see ... ".

Fair enough. It's just that I've never heard him emoting about Iraqi children abusing dismembered Americans or Palestinians waving body parts around and using human heads as press conference props.

Instead the BBC report says without comment that 'many ordinary Iraqis want revenge' for the photos. Presumably revenge to be exacted on any Brit or American - exactly the attitude which Humphrys would condemn if expressed by an ordinary Brit.

But like so many other things, revenge is for 'them' and not for 'us'.

And I do love the BBC use of quotes on the Falluja mutilations. The headline is

"Horrific" Iraq deaths shock US

and in the report we get

White House spokesman Scott McClellan blamed "terrorists" and supporters of ousted Iraq leader Saddam Hussein for the attacks in Falluja.

After all, one man's "terrorist" ....

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