Thursday, May 20, 2004

Our Rainbow Nation

Apparently they've been rioting in Peterborough for four days now, and I haven't heard a whisper of it on BBC radio news. This low profile is probably because no evil white racists are involved.

Peterborough - isn't that where 17-year-old Ross Parker was killed ten days after 9/11, in one of those racist attacks that don't seem to get any media attention ?

"Cambridgeshire Police Ch Supt Nigel Sunman said the long-established Pakistani community and the asylum seekers had clearly articulated what was disturbing the other community.

"It is cultural differences in the large part. We are getting to understand those issues and what we are trying to do is feed back to each of the communities what it is that is antagonising them," he said."

More details on Claire's Liberty and Livelihood Blog.

Perhaps something on Channel Four set it off.

UPDATE - several news reports at Peterborough Today. I await David Aaronovitch's piece on the bigotry of the locals with interest.

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