Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hmmm ....

Christian Voice do some digging on Patricia Hewitt, Jack Dromey, Harriet Harman, and their NCCL (now Liberty) activities back in those liberated 70s when everything was possible.

I don't know if student societies and unions keep records, or if they've been purged now that so many student politicians are in power, but it's likely there's a lot more to be dug up from the 'radical' pasts of what Peter Hitchens calls 'the suburban revolutionaries who now occupy the corner offices'. I wonder if the shredders at Tabard Street were doing overtime when CV released the story ?


Anonymous said...

Harman and Hewitt are/were two of the most incompetent ministers ever to have been in office. Hewitt shares a lot of the blame for the collapse of Rover. Since leaving the cabinet she has forgotten her revolutionary past and has taken lucrative consultancies and directorships with big corporations. Throw in Dromey (classic trade unionist bore) and you have three utterly revolting individuals.

Anonymous said...

Im ever more amazed now at the aftermath of the Rover collapse.

The government wouldnt bail it out or facilitate its remaining British. Oh no, they were free market tough guys.

Now they are falling over themselves to give millions to car makers even going to the lengths of this £2,000 a car trade in idea. In effect a disguised subsidy to the car industry - all of which is foreign owned.

And they do all of this with a straight face and nowhere are they called on it.

Anonymous said...

Mike Rutherford wrote a good summary of what happened

Another reason never to vote Labour again