Saturday, April 18, 2009

While I Deplore ...

... hitting anyone unless they've done something to merit it, should any one person in the UK unfortunately get an undeserved slap, surely "elfin-faced Nicola Fisher" (aka Max Clifford) is a prime candidate.

I notice that comments are off on the story. Can't imagine why.

(On reflection, this post reflects the zeal of the convert. Once upon a time I lived a lifestyle not unlike Ms Fisher's - and it never occurred to me to wonder why some nine-to-fiver or brickie should have to fund my life with his taxes. 'The State' had enough and to spare. Ms Fisher says she's off the drugs, though she doesn't say when that was. In which case, what does she find to do all day ?

I trust she's not one of the merry degenerates who blog here - a site which for some reason has gone invite-only.)


North Northwester said...

Nice thigh shot, I noticed in the paper. Must've earned her a few quid.

She looks a lot less "elfin-faced" on the BBC site

...but then they only need to appeal to RadFems and other PC folk.

Still, I shouldn't complain - I was busy feeding the chavs who are my livelihood on that day, rather than gainfully unemployed at a 'vigil.'

"I felt as if I had been whipped by the Taliban. I was very tearful and in dreadful pain. I thought I was bleeding."

Actually, I suspect not.

Anonymous said...

Invite only - that's defeat (death really) by any other name for any blog in the culture war.

Chalk up one for our side!

Laban said...

I don't think the BN2 Beeyatches were blogging for anything but fun and the vitally important expression of their "inner bitch", so I wouldn't really say they were on anyone's "side". They added to the gaity of nations despite (or because of) the general dodgyness of their subject matter.