Monday, April 20, 2009

Euro Election Campaigning Starts In Earnest

Sack them.

Vote for anyone but them.

Residents' fury at them
(aka one Lib Dem councillor. Do they do fury, the Lib Dems ?)

"peddling their own brand of snake-oil"

Don't ignore them - confront them.

"the last thing Cumbria needs"

"outcasts in the north" - oops, sorry - that appears to be the Tories.

Listen to the BBC next Thursday where will be revealed their campaigning secrets.

Which include "dress smartly" and "do not express extreme views or advocate violence of any description. Your e-mails are probably less secure than you think". I wonder what gave them that idea ?

I think the last - re expressing extreme views - is a bit of a forlorn hope from a BNP perspective. If we cross the Atlantic to Canada, we find "anti-racist activists" who specialise in joining nasty websites, posting nasty stuff on said websites, waiting for an equally nasty response, then suing under hate-crime legislation. I'm sure there'll be a few such lurking under some dank BNP stone - and they're all pretty dank, aren't they, children ?

Take the interesting debate at Conservative Home, which I linked to above and which features a number of commenters addressing what IMHO is and has been for the last seven or eight years the key driver behind increasing BNP support - namely the demographic changes which are likely to see my children members of the British ethnic minority in their old age*. They point out the poor old elephant in the drawing room that dare not speak its name.

"If things are allowed to continue, within about 30 years the indigenous population will be a minority"

"In real life, people want a strict immigration policy. Both major parties have failed to do what Britons want."

"Cultural existence is whether you like it or not - a very important matter to most Brits."

"do you want to become an ethnic minority?" - this issue has to be addressed, if we ignore it the BNP will score yet another propaganda victory.

"Creating a firm, common sense immigration policy that British people really want is the way forward. The fact that that would smash the BNP to bits is just a bonus"

On the whole a reasonable debate with points being scored on several sides. Lots of people (Tories, mind) pointing out neo-Nazi BNP roots, lots of obviously non-Nazi reponses. Then towards the end, in comes commenter 'Jack' ...

"There's absolutely nothing wrote with advocating an all-white Britain ... I would not feel the slightest bit guilty about loading them all onto boats and shipping them back ... I have not met a single decent non-white yet! ... As for the BNP been Nazis (sic), while he had his faults, Hitler did have some good ideas regarding the fact that a nation is based on its race, and that the white race should be put first in Europe. I for one would rather someone like Hitler was in power ... Hitler would look after the interests of white people ..."

followed by this delightful touch :

"I'm not saying the man was a saint- his attitude towards our fellow white Slavic people was insanity."

Obviously a chap who can see both sides of an argument. While I know there are some nutters in the world, he seems too good to be true, doesn't he ?

* yes, I know my father was an immigrant, but he walked out when I was three so didn't have a major impact on my cultural upbringing - which was Welsh Baptist ... the children are rooted enough that they support England against Wales at rugby, to my eternal sorrow. There's zero cultural input from my father's native land, "an accursed place which God will one day hold to the reckoning", as the worthy Zahar put it.