Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reality 1, Satire 0 (again)

Former head of the BBC Greg Dyke, ex John Lewis chairman Sir Stuart Hampson and former Second Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief of Naval Home Command Vice-Admiral Sir Adrian Johns are among the patrons of the new National Leadership Council which will look into leadership and how to improve standards within the NHS. They will be joined by Daniel Goleman, author of the international best seller 'Emotional Intelligence', and Dr Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO of the Virginia Mason Medical Centre in Seattle, Washington.

One medic out of five to provide leadership to the NHS. Words fail me.

Greg Dyke ? and some pointy-head ?


Anonymous said...

And two out five belong to another group who know whats best for us.

dearieme said...

I think you must mean "Greg fucking Dyke?"

Laban said...


Americans ?

Trofim said...

Dyke will declare that the NHS is still hideously white.

Anonymous said...

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