Saturday, March 29, 2008

Help ! RealVideo Capture ?

Anybody know how to capture BBC RealVideo ? The suggestions in the comments boxes alas don't work.

It's an rtsp stream wot looks like this :

rtsp:// (continued)

But if you try to 'Save Target As', a popup tells you that you can either open RealPlayer or cancel.


Anonymous said...

Use "wget". I think there's a version for Windoze.

Anonymous said...

Oho! Follow THIS LINKY.

John Trenchard said...

i'm grabbing it with mplayer on linux.

i'll upload it somewhere once i've finished grabbing it.

David said...

I use a programme called Super 8. It extracts steaming video from TV - I used it to download a Channel Four news item for our Geography teacher the other day as well as a Scottish TV news report on our school which saw me passing thrugh the school hall in the background!

John Trenchard said...

uploaded it to google video.
currently processing..
will post a link when its finished.

Unknown said...

The quality is crap but here's the WMV version of the program:

There's an avi version available on the torrent sites that's around 230MB.

If you need high quality I can upload that for you and send you the link via email.

John Trenchard said...

here it is on google video

quality isnt great (it is a copy of the realmedia file) but at least there's a download link.

Unknown said...

I uploaded a better quality version of the program for you.

The resolution is still low but the video and audio quality are much better.

Panorama - Teenage Sex For Sale S56E11 (March 27, 2008)

Unknown said...

The html link doesn't seem to be working so here's the plain link:

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