Monday, March 24, 2008

Signs Of The Times

Women's Studies as a distinct undergraduate discipline will disappear this October, when the last institution offering first degrees, London Metropolitan University (formerly Hoxton Working Men's Club) stops taking undergrads. According to this Today report (RealAudio, 15 mins in) it's down to lack of demand.

The number of British teenagers having breast enlargement operations has increased by more than 150% in the past year. Doctors believe girls undergoing the procedure are aping celebrities who have surgically enhanced their figures.

We shouldn't panic too much. The number of teenage girls involved is 600 a year. But I'll bet that's larger than any year's undergraduate intake of Women's Studies undergrads. Straws in the wind and all that.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you mentioned that it was 'girl' teenagers having breast 'enhancement'. Might get the wrong idea otherwise.
There ought to be some graph relating breast size to annual income.

Anonymous said...

And , when you have a dull moment, why cannot cramerj post comments.