Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tonight's Early Release Murderers

A crack addict burglar who targetted pensioners to feed his habit was jailed for life for savagely kicking an 83-year-old man to death in his own home. Jobless James Stace, 37, punched, kicked and stamped on the face and head of widower Ferozur Rahman after kicking in the door of the pensioner's east London flat. Stace, who has committed more than 150 crimes including robbery and burglary, routinely attacked the elderly in their own homes to steal from them.

Mr Rahman was left incapacitated with a fractured jaw, ruptured windpipe broken ribs and fatal brain damage and lay badly bleeding for 24 hours before his grandson discovered him. Despite brain surgery father of seven Rahman, who was originally from Bangladesh, was pronounced dead a day later and his life support machines was switched off.

Here we go again :

James Stace's criminal career of theft and burglary stretching back to when he was 17 and in 1993 was caged for 30 months for assault and robbery. In 1998 at Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court he was jailed for eight years after admitting 12 offences of robbery and burglary and asked for another 140 offences to be taken into consideration. Many were elderly whom he pushed about, threatened, stamped on or tied up. Mr Ellison said: "He was a man that demonstrated a clear propensity to target vulnerable occupants according to their age in their homes and readiness to exact quite serious violence upon them in order to advance his aim of burglary."

He was jailed for a further 18 months in January 2003 for robbery, another three years for attempted burglary at in June 2005 and 18 months for burglary in July 2005.
He last appeared before the courts three months before the murder when he admitted criminal damage at Thames Magistrates Court.

He murdered Mr Rahman on 29 December 2006. He'd been given three years in June 2005. Chalk up another one to our wonderful Probation "Service".

Let's move on to Christopher Toussant-Collins :

A robber on parole who took part in the gangland execution of a rival in front of his two young children was jailed for life. Jason Greene, 30, was shot in cold blood as he sat in his car with his eight-year-old son in the passenger seat and his four-year-old boy on the back seat. His eldest son was splattered with his father's blood. He was about to take them to school when the callous gunman struck in a busy street at 8.20am as horrified passers-by, many of them children, looked on or cowered behind dustbins for cover.

Mr Greene was suspected of involvement in an earlier murder. Just an everyday tale of Northwest London life.

In February 2005 Greene's brother Gavin Greene was shot in Harrow. It was rumoured that 24-year-old Shaun Stanislas was responsible for the attack. The following month Shaun Stanislas himself was murdered on the notorious Stonebridge Estate. Both Gavin and Jason Greene were suspected of involvement, but were released without charge by police due to insufficient evidence.

Where were we ?

Christopher Toussant-Collins, 19, was not the gunman that carried out the pre-planned execution but was convicted of murder for his part in the killing. He was jailed for a minimum of 25 years behind bars at the Old Bailey today (Mon). At the time of the murder, Toussant-Collins was on licence after serving part of a 30 month sentence for assault and robbery. He had been released from a young offenders prison just two months before the murder.

Hmm. Prison certainly worked for him - as long as he was in it. Ker-ching ! Another one !


Anonymous said...

You really, really, really, need to do a blog based entirely on these sort of things, please.

Anonymous said...

Strange that this is reported on a website called "Life Style Extra" and the only categorisation they could come up with was "Healthy Living". ???

Anonymous said...

From their website:

"A century of cutting crime: 1907 - 2007".

This has to be some sort of joke, surely? In fact, that page is one preposterous lie after another.

"committed to minimising the impact of crime on communities"? Bullshit. Here was someone who preyed on the elderly, had multiple convictions for doing so, but was still released early to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Why does this happen? What is to be done?

A Land Fit For Criminals

This new paperback edition is much shorter than the hardback, which was in need of editing. Former prison doctor Theodore Dalrymple reviews it. From the Amazon reviews:

A wonderful antidote to the poisonous myths so assiduously promoted by the anti-prison lobby. ... A devastating critique (and) startling insider's account of the deception being played upon the public. ... All in all, the book is an excellent, if at times hopelessly depressing read, particularly his vivid descriptions of how vicious crimes have often escaped with mind bogglingly light sentences. ... the author lists a number of detailed steps we can take, and leaves us on the optimistic note that the power to change the situation we are in lies within us.

Or the downloadable Civitas booklet by Charles Murray Underclass + 10
... From the mid-nineteenth century through
the first three-quarters of this century ...
Britain enjoyed extraordinarily low crime and
extraordinary freedom. It was a unique, magnificent
achievement, proving to the world that liberty and
safety are compatible; proving, indeed, that a genuinely
civil society is possible. No longer. Britain is
just another high-crime industrialised country. ... On every dimension of economic and political division, Britain and used to be a much more
riven society than it is now. It was united in one
crucial respect: a universally shared consensus of
what constituted moral standards and civilised
behaviour. And Britain used to have hardly any
crime at all.

youdontknowme said...

It's about time we brought back the death penalty for scum like this animal.

Paulinus said...

I'm disturbed by the use of the word "execution". Correct me if I'm wrong but "execution" refers to the execution of a legal sentence of death. Not a thug killing in cold blood.

Anonymous said...

Paulinus - I was about to make a similar demurral. I think media like the Beeb feel a squeaky little thrill when they write in criminal argot. It was murder, of course, not an "execution", except in the minds of the legally brain dead scumbags who did it.

Any candidate of any persuasion who gave an irrevocable promise to re-institute the death penalty and physical punishment/harrassment/embarrassment for those committing more minor crimes - like the lash, in public, and the stocks, would be swept to victory on a giant tsunami of votes. That is all any candidate has to promise (irrevocably) to win, no matter if the rest of his party's manifesto was written by moonbats.

Anonymous said...

Useless criminal justice system, one man out of six convicted. The police know who committed the crime they are probably just sitting back waiting for someone else to do their job for them, which of course leads to a life long cycle of violence. If Jason's brother was shot and it was common knowledge who was responsible why was this boy still running around a month a later like it was nothing to attempt a murder on another man?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

No more stunts, man, superman ended up a cripple I thought you knew...order some rims for the permenent chair RIP Kane Locz

Anonymous said...

Shaun was not killed for shooting someone. He was killed purely for being associated with a certain group of young men. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was killed on Press Road not stonebridge. He was a decent man that taught young kids football.

Anonymous said...

F dat!! Stuntman was not a decent person most of them press road mans aint!(I used 2 roll dere on the regular but then grew up) Shuan was on sum real foul Sh1t! and wen i first heard dat he got smoked i waz not surprised at all!!

Anonymous said...

Shaun was killed through some1 else's beef actually and he was a decent guy regardless of what some people thought of him. Da fact dat Jason was killed in front of his children was merely come uppance for the cold and callous way in which he executed Shaun outside his mum's house in the presence of his younger sister. The saying what you do comes back 2 u is definitely true in this instance. Not every1's perfect but no one deserves to die!!! RIP Shaun

Anonymous said...

Shaun was not innocent if he did not do what he did he would be alive now.

He basically died as a result of peer pressure.

Rip Loco

press road general said...

Fuck all your comments, stunts was my cousin, yes he was with the wrong crowd but Fuck what u think u know, I grew with him from birth so Fuck u and Fuck everybody who had a problem with him cause he did what he did to protect others so if u don't know the facts go fuck yourself u cunts

press road general said...

Fuck all your comments, stunts was my cousin, yes he was with the wrong crowd but Fuck what u think u know, I grew with him from birth so Fuck u and Fuck everybody who had a problem with him cause he did what he did to protect others so if u don't know the facts go fuck yourself u cunts

Anonymous said...

I read these comments and it saddens me that even now nobody has learned anything. Coming on a website and spitting hate is not what any of them would want. Both J and Stunts should be alive today. I knew both - J more and let's be honest none of them where doing purely positive things at the times of their deaths. But both had the potential to become great men doing the right thing. RIP both of them and peace to you if you heart has not healed