Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The End Of The Beginning

Weekly Worker reports on the SWP/Respect tensions, which mark the end of the communalist/left honeymoon and the beginning of the inevitable breakup, which may last a decade but which will end in the emergence of a Muslim political party.

FWIW, I think Galloway's analysis is pretty much correct. Great electoral prizes are there for the taking, with more to come - check out the demography. But quite how they relate to the SWPs vision of socialism I'm unsure. The scales appear to be falling from the eyes of some SWP people.

What a dilemma confronts the SWP. They can forget their principles and continue to do the donkey-work for Respect, getting nothing in return but the joy of stuffing Labour (as in Shadwell), or leave, say goodbye to all those lovely votes, and go back to standing outside factories selling the paper. Only the factories have all closed.


Anonymous said...

"One comrade said that, apart from the tiny pro-SWP minority, the only thing Respect councillors were prepared to do for striking postal workers was give them free curries! "

Absolutely hilarious.

JohnM said...

Well, even in the late 1970s selling one copy of SW outside the gates of say Marconi was an novel experience. Far better to stand outside the local Further Education College, although the favoured pitch was in the town centre. Four people, three hours - double figure sales would make us happy in the pub.