Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Immigration, More Immigration, More Immigration

A chief constable has said her force needs more staff and resources to cope with the pressures caused by a sudden influx of migrant workers. Julie Spence of Cambridgeshire Police says a dramatic change in the make-up of the population in the county is giving her officers new challenges.

New challenges ? But why ? Isn't greater diversity a good thing ?

Police officers were now dealing with close to 100 languages without having the right skills - a situation, which had landed the force with a translation bill of at least £800,000.

Are you suggesting these people commit crime ?

The force had also seen rises in some crimes which could be directly associated with migration. These included drink-driving involving foreign nationals and the emergence of an "international dimension" to crimes including cannabis production, human trafficking and credit card skimming.

But ... but ... no less a person than David Aaronovitch has said that "there is no greater propensity among immigrants towards crime, pros titution and anti-social behaviour than among the population at large". Me no understand.

The force's report warned that officers had seen increases in "critical incidents" and tensions within some communities fuelled by local resentment towards newcomers.

Yes, well - that just means the natives are Daily Mail-reading, nazi bigots, surely. That's why we're replacing them - the sooner they all push off elsewhere the better. It's the locals that need locking up, not the newcomers.

Research into migrant workers has shown they are playing an increasingly pivotal role in some regions where employers say they struggle to recruit. The food industry is one of these key sectors, with major farming-related employers in Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties actively seeking Eastern European workers to cover labour shortages.

For "struggle to recruit" read "struggle to recruit people to work for £5.35 an hour while living 12 to a two-bed maisonette and sharing a van".

The Chief Constable's full report is here (pdf).

It's interesting to see that it's the police who are kicking up. Would have been unthinkable only five or ten years back. It appears that lots of Somalis, Afghans, Kurds, Kosovans - no crime problem there. Poles ? They're white enough for us to tell the truth and not worry we'll be called racist.

Of course for the real impact of Polish immigration on crime we'll have to wait twenty or thirty years.

The fact that these new Brits are polite and hard-working, do not do crack or firearms, nor are they likely to blow up Tube trains, is a function of the culture they have arrived with. It tells us nothing about what their first and second generation descendents will be like after twenty years exposure to the cultural vacuum of the UK.

Back on Fantasy Island, the Lib Dems are making themselves feel all warm and cosy.

The Liberal Democrats insisted immigration was "not too high" as they outlined radical plans to offer an amnesty to thousands of people living in the UK illegally. Home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg said anyone who tried to set a limit on inflow to Britain was "deluded" - blaming Government incompetence for intense public concern on the issue.

Mr Clegg was speaking as the Lib Dems sought to shift the focus on to policy after the first half of their conference was blighted by sniping at Sir Menzies Campbell's leadership. Delegates also backed controversial tax proposals designed to "hammer" the richest 10% and punish those whose lifestyles damage the environment.

Official figures indicate that more than 560,000 people have been arriving in the UK with the intention of staying more than a year - many from countries which have recently joined the EU, such as Poland. They are offset by around 380,000 departing these shores. However, an estimated 600,000 are also living here illegally.

Asked during a briefing for journalists whether there was too much immigration into Britain, Mr Clegg replied: "In our view it's not too high. In our view the whole debate on immigration is placed on the wrong footing if you try to delude yourself or the public into thinking there is a kind of ideal number."


Anonymous said...

According to the CRE via London Evening Standard The CRE says good progress has been made by parts of local government and in the criminal justice agencies, including the police. And how it wishes to bring other agencies up to the same “standard”.

Racial divisions are growing in Britain

Meanwhile PC Copperfield bails out due to being swamped in bureaucracy and diversity. However Canada is heading toward a Politically Correct multicultural disaster at a faster rate than many other countries, with several major cities already having inter-ethnic gang/gun violence. There may be less paperwork for PC Copperfield in Canada than in the UK but dissent against Political Correctness and the multiculturist dogma by the European derived population is much more strictly controlled than in the UK.

Much of what PC Copperfield complains of has been inspired by the Macpherson Report, inspiring the Civitas booklet Racist Murder and Pressure-Group Politics, which describes it as a Stalinist show trial and starts off with

Since the achievement of universal suffrage, English democracy has
been a system, in world-historical terms, of relatively open discussion,
respect for the views of unpopular minorities and weak external
controls on conduct. If the internalisation of the values appropriate to
it fails, then civil liberties are threatened—on the one side by the
growth of crime and private violence, and on the other by the growth
of governmental intervention to contain them. Displaying the correct
set of beliefs then becomes more important than collecting and
weighing evidence.

Via Brussels Journal the
Financial Times opines
the endurance of ethnic nationalism in modern Europe and the corresponding failure of elitist supra-nationalists to forge larger identities holding any real meaning for ordinary people. Despite obvious differences in the historical contexts, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia ...all collapsed for that same underlying reason.

The only obvious contact between the Ruling Class and reality appears to be where they decide to live themselves and where their own children are educated. You couldn’t make it up.

Harry J said...

I can't tell you how much I loathe the Lib Dem's. Looking at the statistics for Sheffield it still has an, enviable, above average 91.23% British (which includes 0.65% Irish). Of course these figures are almost certainly hopelessly out of date but I hope all the illegal immigrants granted amnesty's will make their way to Nick Clegg's Hallam constituency. Let's see if he's re-elected then.

Edwin Greenwood said...

The fact that these new Brits are polite and hard-working, do not do crack or firearms, nor are they likely to blow up Tube trains, is a function of the culture they have arrived with. It tells us nothing about what their first and second generation descendents will be like after twenty years exposure to the cultural vacuum of the UK.

We may not need to wait for their first- and second-generation descendants to come along:

Poles catch the British disease.

Anonymous said...

bert rustle's recommendation:
"Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics" is well worth reading.

I read it a few months ago. It is quite mind boggling bearing in mind the bullshit and hysteria surrounding that case.

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg born in Buckinghamshire in 1967, the third of four children.
Half Russian father was a banker, I see.., His mother was Dutch.

There you go, thats why he doesn't give a shit about the English or British identity, he is not really either.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, as soon as the bottom falls out of the economy they will all fuck off back to where they came from.

Harry J said...

Thank the Lord for Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch. He just demolished Nick Clegg and some faceless, forgettable Neo Labour minister (Liam Byrne after a Google search) on Newsnight. Even Jeremy Paxman was taken a back by Sir Andrew's contention that, according to the government's own figures, we are going to need 200 new houses every day for the next 20 years just to accommodate immigrants who haven't even arrived yet. Byrne didn't even attempt to deny it.

Regular reader, I took you at your word and I've read about half of the Civitas booklet. Mind boggling is quite a mild description. Incredible stuff. I have to say Doreen Lawrence doesn't come out of it too well at all. Considering her recent remarks about Boris Johnson she still seems to be up to her old tricks.

Laban said...

Guardian Apostate - you may or may not have a point about Doreen Lawrence, but I feel people who've had to identify their son's body at the hospital need to be cut a bit more slack than those who haven't been there. I feel very sorry for her. She's trying to make sense of her son's death as best she can.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Laban, I agree that Doreen Lawrence deserves our sympathy and understanding both for her loss and for the experiences that ensued from that loss. Just as someone who has lost a relative to a hit-and-run driver might displace their grief into road-safety campaigning, Mrs Lawrence has displaced heir grief into anti-racism.

That is understandable, but it dangerous to allow such people -- obsessives to be brutally frank -- to become unchallengeable icons. If Doreen Lawrence proclaims that X or Y is "due to racism", we still need to be willing to discuss and if appropriate challenge that assertion as readily and as rigorously as we would the utterances of the lunatic Toyin Agbetu or the self-serving Lee Jasper.

The slack can only be cut so far.

Anonymous said...

Laban 10:51 PM wrote you may or may not have a point about Doreen Lawrence ... She's trying to make sense of her son's death as best she can. On occasion there is no recovery from grief. Doreen Lawrence may indeed be a saint but the campaign attached to her name is less than saintly.

Anyone know how to get the following books?

Brussels Eurabia

Dutch journalist Arthur Van Amerongen ... interviewed ... concerning his upcoming book, "Brussels Eurabia" ... “Brussels is a timebomb, there will certainly be an attack.” ... I infiltrated the muslim community of Molenbeek and Marolles for one year. These folks want nothing to do with Belgium, they hate the Belgians. ... I was among them, I speak arabic. They hate the Belgians, they have nothing to do with Belgians, nothing, nothing. ... they hate us. The moroccans hate us. ... They want a caliphate; quite simply they want a government that directs the umma from Bagdad to England. etc.

PC Copperfield is migrating to Edmonton Canada where we also have Montrealistan

Of course not forgetting Herouxville

Harry J said...

Laban, I have every sympathy for both parents of Stephen Lawrence. Losing a son in that way must have been a terrible thing. My comment wasn't meant to diminish their loss in any way.

If I sounded a little terse regarding Doreen Lawrence it's because I felt her recent comments regarding Boris Johnson were ill informed and unwelcome. As EG points out she appears to have become unchallengable in many peoples eyes.

I'm tempted to comment further however I can only suggest you read the report yourself.

Laban said...

I read it when it came out - Norman Dennis is one of my heroes. There's loads of his stuff available free at Civitas. Try 'Families withour fatherhood' when you've read McPherson.

Anonymous said...

The other day someone asked me if I'd ever been to Britain, and I replied 'No, but I've been to London three times'. After walking along Kilburn High Rd (not that it's atypical for London), I have to ask: Is that the plan for the UK, then?