Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swirling About In A Cess-Pool Of His Own Making

Don't ask me what this is all about. A secret communion service that's all over the media ? I suppose they're interpreting the word 'secret' in the light of recent scholarship and much prayerful reflection, or something. Maybe they're listening with open hearts to the experiences of those who think it means 'reported in the Times'.

It looks as if once again Rasputin is managing brilliantly to offend everyone. It's what he does, in the immortal words of Tom Butler.

Get Religion has an entertaining take on the whole sorry saga.

I don’t think the Third World traditionalists are going to compromise. And I don’t think the American left is going to compromise now on issues of the sexual revolution. They are not going to be willing to offend the New York Times editorial board and other sources of doctrinal power and authority. So at some point, England is going to have to figure out which way it wants to go. And the Church of England is just as divided as the American church on these issues.

(Mitre-tip - Sam Tarran)


Anonymous said...

I can remember reading stuff like this years ago and thinking how important and grown up it all sounded. Did I agree (or not), what were they taliking about, would I ever understand the complex issues?

Now I read it and it seems they dont even know themselves and the Tiger tank of history is grinding them under its treads.

James G. said...

Someone remind me why I got confirmed last year?