Saturday, August 25, 2007

These Are Our Rulers

David Puttnam is a film-maker and Labour peer. In the best tradition of the liberal elite, he doesn't actually pay any of the high taxes he votes for in the Lords, preferring to live in Ireland where there's a low-tax regime for 'creative artists'. Greg Dyke is a neighbour.

Gordon Brown's high UK tax ? That's for the little people to pay.

That's not to say the low-tax deal is completely free, though. It helps keep things friendly if you can step up to the rostrum and apply the tongue to the posterior of a national icon - and cold blooded killer.


Anonymous said...

wouldnt mind it so much if Puttnam had thrown away his british passport and became an Irish citizen.

but he still continues to work for the British establishment and yet has the gall to appear at Beal Na Blath.

Stomach churning in its utter hypocrisy.

And i say that as an Irish nationalist and an admirer of Collins.

I too see Collins as a ruthless murderer - he would have admitted so himself - but when your up against bulldogs like Churchill and the likes of the Black and Tans, then I guess niceties go out the window. For Puttnam to equate Collins to Gandhi is so mind bendingly crazy that I shall be forced to down another glass of wine to calm myself down.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way Laban - Kevin Myers is doing the old bbc "lying by omission" trick when refering to Di Swanzy

"After he organised the murder of DI Swanzy in Lisburn"

DI Swanzy ordered the murder of the elected Lord Mayor of Cork.

More info here

Myers can be one of the good guys at times (he's a bit of a libertarian and cant stand the Provos) but sometimes he's as bad as the Sinn Feiners in distorting history to fit HIS own narrative.

Anonymous said...

"I shall be forced to down another glass of wine to calm myself down".
True, an adult beverage always seems to work :)

Anonymous said...

Well people who are not perminant British residents shouldn't be allowed to be in public office at all. (unless they are only outside Britain on offical duty ofcourse)

But this is hardly the worst example of hypocrisy from our so called leaders.

Anonymous said...

For Puttnam to equate Collins to Gandhi is so mind bendingly crazy

Gandhi was always careful to ensure the riots occurred after he had left town....but Puttnam is not very well educated having working as a school-leaver in Advertising and probably hasn't read a book for fact he probably thinks Ben Kingsley is Gandhi and Liam Neeson was Southern Irish.....

Puttnam is a lightweight of the Blair Band which has as its motto Never read the Book. Watched the Video