Monday, August 20, 2007

"best-educated generation in our history"

More than half of employers say school leavers often cannot function in the workplace due to a lack of basic maths and literacy, a survey suggests.

The "Blair generation" will be the best educated in history, the school standards minister, David Miliband, promised yesterday.

UPDATE - the proof from

BAA: Protest has not effected operations

Monday, 20 Aug 2007 11:15

British airport operator BAA has insisted that a climate change protest at Heathrow airport has had "no effect" on operations.

Environmental campaigners have been demonstrating outside BAA's headquarters at Heathrow in protest at plans to build a third runway at Britain's largest airport.


James Higham said...

... apart from not being able to spell or add up.

paul ilc said...

If he had said 'best-indoctrinated', I could have agreed.

Ross said...

Paul, you might be right, but where do you think Miliband would find someone who could spell 'indoctrinated' for the press release?

Anonymous said...

... apart from not being able to spell or add up.
Thats rich, - coming from a verbose rectum.

Anonymous said...

What was quite hilarious about the environmental protest, was that some of the campaigners couldn't make it as they were on holiday ... abroad.

Anonymous said...

I'm rather sad that you all find it so amusing. Why are you still there? The country is falling down around your ears.

Either do something about it - not possible against the socialist monolith you have allowed to develop - or get out? Who would you be abandoning? Old, fragile indigenous people whose families have a two-thousand year stake in these islands, who kept the country alive during WWII and who are already being beaten and abused by primitive immigrants? They're already here. They're already torturing your elderly family members.

Sam Tarrant's a little young to go, but I advise him to plan his education with an eye to finding employment elsewhere - and that should include N America, China and SE Asia.