Friday, August 24, 2007

Lancastrian Gothic

She had the facial ironmongery and the skeleton t-shirt. I'm not sure being kicked to death by chavs in a Bacup skateboard park is up there with consumption in a garret though. Poor girl.

Another everyday story of Brown's Britain. But what's this ?

Acting assistant chief constable of Lancashire Police, Jerry Graham added that care must be taken though not to "demonise" all young people and that there were people of all ages determined to cause trouble.

Why exactly must we take care ? And what's it got to do with him ?

"There is a significant proportion of young people who do not engage in this kind of behaviour and are victims themselves," he said.

Yor point being ? He talks about not demonising the young and the best he can say for them is that a "significant proportion" don't kick girls to death ? Very comforting, that.

"Here in Lancashire, we think it is important not to negatively stereotype all of our young people when this kind of incident occurs."

Your point being ?

Here in the West Country, we think it is important to point out that acting assistant chief constable Jerry Graham is making himself sound like a politically correct wazzock. He'll go far.


Fidothedog said...

Sounds like that is one plod who is in need of a slap.

Me I remember the days of the SPG, when coppers could hand out a slap or three around the ear.

Or a major kicking if you were black or a miner.

Anonymous said...

When I grew up in that area, the worst that could happen was to have a bag of chips thrown at you. What is the world coming to? Clearly we need Juliet Bravo to sort them out.

Anonymous said...

A phrase I've heard several times from various police officers over the last few days is:

I would like to reassure the community that this is an isolated incident.

This is either an example of the hive mind in action, or the Home Office must sense that we sense that things are starting to slip away from them.

Anonymous said...

or the Home Office must sense that we sense that things are starting to slip away from them.

I sense that the Home office senses that I sense that the Home Office long ago abdicated all responsibility for the functions that our taxes allegedly pay for.

In other words, the Home Office, and left wing wankers, the Plod, and other hangers on, the CPS, and scum-bag, whining lawyers, are all filthy pieces of shiite.

Anonymous said...

starting to slip away from them.
Thats a hoot. ROFLMAO.
They never had a grip anyway!

Anonymous said...

The gurning superiority offends me. Individuals in a police capacity who make this sort of comment should find themselves without employment.

Preferably without income, although income is always available in Britain. In most states in the US, you cannot have more than five years THROUGHOUT YOUR WORKING LIFE in whatever chunks of time, on charity, before it is cut off. Meaning, bzzz.

Anonymous said...

male thugs beating a FEMALE to death.
my my - how brave.

in a lot of ways this story is even worse than the croxteth shooting.

Anonymous said...

bit more info from here

"Five teenage boys have been charged with section 18 wounding."

"A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old have been remanded in custody, while two 15-year-olds and 17-year-old were released on bail.

They are all due to appear before Burnley Youth Court on 27 September."

Anonymous said...

GBH? Has to be murder. Surely a gang cannot kick a woman to death and not be charged with murder?

Anonymous said...

He's the classic modern British social worker, sorry copper: lots of talk about 'tragedy', 'thoughts with the family at this time', etc. As an added PC morsel he tacked on the bit about 'not demonising' people - perhaps he was practising for a Muslim terrorist attack in Lancashire, and he wants to make sure he gets the fervent appeal to 'not demonise' the attackers right.

What I want is a senior police officer to say "we'll pull out all the stops to get these bastards, they aren't going to get away with it". And then obviously catch them of course, and perhaps give them a kicking too. Oh, you can't do that any more can you?

JuliaM said...

"Surely a gang cannot kick a woman to death and not be charged with murder?"

Yes. Welcome to the UK in 2007.

And there will be plenty of the same characters boo-hooing over Chindamo to write screeds to parole boards when these wastes of skin get out (assuming they get anything like a punishment should they be found guilty).

Anonymous said...

"male thugs beating a FEMALE to death. my my - how brave."

Oh, it isn't just females. They do it to men too. Of course, they make sure they select their victim carefully:

Anonymous said...

"Five teenage boys have been charged with section 18 wounding."

Sorry to ask this. White? The conspicious lack of any sort of indication in the texts of the reports leads me to conclude not.

Laban said...

Probably white IMHO. Asians as far as I know have no particular animosity against Goths, but chavs hate them. Goth (and chav) sites are full of instances of chav-on-Goth violence.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

went into town to get a haircut at the barbers this afternoon. normal, typical working class barbershop. chatted about the liverpool shootings and other incidents.

asked about what he thought about bringing back the death penalty.

"yeah , pretty much everyone in here would be in favour of that. something has to be done. it can't go on."

note how throughout the media coverage bringing back the ultimate sanction - the death penalty - has never been even hinted at.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that even if Parliament voted to bring back the death penalty, European law would prevent it. European law is designed as a supra-national authority which can overrule national democratic parliaments at will and which cannot be challenged.

Welcome to European Liberal "Democracy". Britain is no longer a democracy in any real sense of the word; we just have elections every four years or so to vote on which caretaker looks after the country on behalf of our european masters.

ba ba said...

I used to hang around with Goths in Lancashire, i found that they were a good bunch. (Not that i want to stereotype, good God no, never)

The goths were attacked then too. The townies (as they were known) frequently the goths - pushing them into the canal, stuff like that.

The goths never liked to walk home alone, they always tried to go in groups.

ba ba said...

Anon above - if the EU tries to interfere when we are running things, we will tell them to go fuck themselves.