Tuesday, May 22, 2007


A teacher is taking three girls, aged 9 to 11, to a tournament, and is running out of fuel. He locks the girls in the car while he goes to get petrol, showing them how to unlock the doors if need be. He's away ten minutes. He comes back with the petrol and off they go. No harm done.

You lose your job for that nowadays.


Anonymous said...

Immigrate. Leave the jobsworths to boss one another around and compile lists of mean-spirited, bossy, hateful, controlling rules.


Anonymous said...

I meant, emigrate, of course.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, running out of petrol is a sign of severe mental incapacity. Or poverty.

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...


But this is still my country (just!) - I don't want to emigrate (or "migrate" as the Guardianistas/BBC now call the process).

Anonymous said...

Umbongo - I didn't want to go, either. But I could see that it wasn't going to be my country much longer as more and more rights were accorded to opportunist migrants (and more an more ancient rights were slid out from under the British - I saw a council official practically begging a Pakistani who could barely speak any English to accept a council flat. She kept saying, "Is it all right? We can change it, but you may have to wait. I mean, is it all right? Will it suit you?" and my blood pressure shot out the top of my head. I went to the local hospital for some simple out-patient thing - can't remember - and they gave me a little form to fill in that required the patient to "choose the ethnicity that you think you are" - among the choices was Mixed Race, Black, White, Asian (Asia's a vast place, but in the British socialist mind, it's an ethnicity) and a host of other niceties. I tore my form up, laid it on the counter, and left.

I could see that the country was a on a downward, one-worlder, transnational government slope and I loathed it.

It has descended farther since then, with Somali gangs and W Indian gangs shooting and stabbing one another in the streets (not that I care, but it spoils the atmosphere) and 42% of Muslims who couldn't think fast enough to tick the Not Sure box saying they wanted primitive shariah law in our civilised, advanced country.

They have pounded this one-worlder, 'nationalism is bad' philosophy into British heads for so long there are now children who haven't the faintest idea of what it is like to be a citizen of a country with a proud history and an enviable civil society.

Then there's BBC, of course. I needn't say more ... and all these digusting, undemocratic quangoes, which should be destroyed, I might add, but won't be.

I thought, do I want to live with this driving me crazy every day, or shall I say goodbye to my country, which I am powerless to save, and go somewhere run along more pragnmatic lines? I chose to go. So have three million others.

I sincerely believe that people who are contemplating going, should go now. As the British continue to leave, the next Labour government at some point will begin to worry about the amount of money they are taking out of the country with them. The socialists need that money to support people who land in Britain with no money and demand housing, free money, free medical care and free schooling, peferably in their own language and their own religion.

It is not a fevered imagination that causes me to think one day you will have to get a visa to emigrate. I can even predict a day when you will not be allowed to take all your assets out of with you. Or have to take them over a five year period. And that there will be a special, heavy, tax on money realised by emigrants from the sale of their houses.

Nothing is beyond possibility when Labour gets its next mandate. And with Dave in charge of the Tories, it will.

It goes without saying, as one who loves my fellow Brits, I hope the above scenario never happens, but I'm not holding my breath.

Unknown said...

"He is also accused of failing to correctly fill in a risk assessment form before taking the trip"

Just about says it all, really....

And Verity is right, note the introduction of exit controls and Iris scanning at Heathrow. And the monumental trouble ex-pats get from the DWP when trying to get their pension paid overseas.