Tuesday, May 22, 2007

FollowThe Money

JWT is encouraging clients, including Unilever, Nestlé, HSBC, Esteé Lauder and Johnson & Johnson, to develop strategies to reach them ...
For its study, JWT carried out interviews with 350 Muslims and consulted a panel of Muslim professionals in law, business and the media. It published a separate survey of Muslims in the United States last month. Although British Muslims have diverse backgrounds, as consumers they are unified in three areas, Ms Salzman said. They want halal food, and increasingly, cosmetics; Sharia financial products – because the Koran bans payment of interest; and modest clothing.

Islamic banking is making headway in Britain, with HSBC and Lloyds TSB offering Sharia-compliant mortgages and accounts, but Ms Salzman believes that there are big opportunities for clothing retailers.

Money knows no bar of colour, class or creed.

34 per cent of Muslims were aged under 16 in 2001, against 25 per cent of Sikhs, 21 per cent of Hindus and 18 per cent of Christians.

I have often said that children are our future. Looks like the money people agree.


Anonymous said...

It is a stunt - a PR stunt. Asda tried opening a store selling Muslim comestibles and Muslim "greeters" in fancy dress at their Rooley Lane store......I think that stunt ended some time ago....it deterred customers with credit cards who thought it was Asda.....and never attracted low income Muslims away from their "village" stores in the inner city with credit and local ties.....and probably much less plastic packaging

It is trying to co-opt people who really are different...Tesco sells sacks of rice and halal prepared meals but only because it took over the store from The Big Store which was a low-budget place for them to shop.

Haqs is a better option on Legrams Lane, it has drums full of pistachios to weigh out and much more interesting stock.

These poor mainstream behemoths have no growth story left to tell the analysts so they make out they have discovered a new gold seam in the dynamic fecundity of Muslims in Britain whereas the financially more interesting group would by Indians rather than Bangladeshis or Pakistanis.....

Every company needs a narrative for the markets and Unilever is such a dog compared to P&G it really needs a good story

Anonymous said...

Asian immigration is good for the money people and good for the Labour party, so you won't stop it now. Every time Labour get into power you will get more Asians from god knows where. Only escape is for the whites to emigrate.

Anonymous said...


Know your customer

Anonymous said...

er...try again


Anonymous said...

missing the ball as per usual.

these companies should be gearing up for the Chinese and the Indians.

Anonymous said...

Archduke - Quite.