Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Charlene Downes was not even from a decent or important family"

The murder trial opened today.

A schoolgirl was murdered by a fast food shop owner who joked that she had been "chopped up" and had gone into the kebabs, a court heard today. Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by former Blackburn man Iyad Albattikhi, 29, owner of Funny Boyz fast food shop in Blackpool, who it is alleged had sex with the youngster he described as "kinky", Preston Crown Court was told.

Charlene was one a number of young white girls who went to to have sex with older men who worked in the fast food shops, Tim Holroyde QC, prosecuting, told the jury. Charlene, from Buchanan Street in Blackpool, was "well and happy", the court heard, but her home life was "chaotic".

Expelled from school, she spent her time hanging around shops on the Blackpool Promenade, and was last seen on the early evening of Saturday November 1 2003. After kissing her mother goodbye she went off on her own - and "vanished off the face of the earth", Mr Holroyde said.

A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after information "leaked out" that the girl had been "killed and chopped up", the court heard. No trace of Charlene's body has ever been found.

Strangely, has a large amount of irrelevant detail that the BBC doesn't think we need to know. Poor Charlene sounds a bit of a Mary-Anne Leneghan.

Charlene became a "familiar figure" hanging around the shops where she would sometimes get free food.

"In addition," Mr Holroyde said, "she was one of a number of adolescent white girls who sometimes went at night to the alleyway behind the restaurants which they called by the unflattering name, Paki Alley. "She and others went there to meet much older men from the restaurants, and it seems perfectly clear that there was at times some sexual activity."

Another everyday story of underclass folk. And that's just what the accused think, too.

In one tape, Reveshi speaks of his "surprise" that the police were bothering to investigate because "Charlene Downes was not even from a decent or important family".

Albattikhi is heard to say: "For some f****** bitch. She was a f****** Maiiah. A f****** horrible Maiiah."

Mr Holroyde said police had not discovered what "Maiiah" meant but it was a contemptuous reference to the dead girl.

In another tape, Reveshi said the words "eat the body", the court was told.

"That remark is said in a joking tone of voice, but it is extraordinary, is it not, for a man who claims to have had no knowledge of Charlene Downes to be talking in that way of her body being eaten," Mr Holroyde added.

Albattikhi is heard on one tape saying, "If they find anything I have f****** had it."

The trial continues. My money's on an acquittal for lack of evidence. Anybody up on Arabic/street slang who can translate 'Miah/Myah' ?


Anonymous said...

I only found out about the fate of this poor girl through the BNP website.

It will be interesting to see how much space the MSM give it.

Anonymous said...

Ditto , Anonymous. There's been a certain amount of comment on this dreadful case on right-wing blogs. I like the description of the girl as" well" and "happy", given her habits.
I have no idea what "miah" means - could it be the equivalent of the infamous Yiddish word "schiksa" or "shiksah"?

Anonymous said...

Things like this make me want to go out and do violence.

Anonymous said...

And of course Charlene Downes was white.

Anonymous said...

Veritas - I don't understand your post: "could it be the equivalent of the infamous Yiddish word "schiksa" or "shiksah"?"

Shiksah's "infamous"???? Wha???? It's just a regular Jewish word for a non-Jewish woman. It's like, here in Mexico, a mechanic asked what woman had wanted her air-conditioning looked at, and another mechanic said, "La gringa".

Identifying a race doesn't mean you don't approve of that race, or have an irrational fear of that race.

Whoaaah - Britain has certainly turned belly up to the race industry, given that the indigenes number around 60m against around 4m ("official" figures 2.6m but Blair and his coven are liars). Makes you wonder what's in it for the race industry except an opportunity to vent hatred of their own kind.

Meanwhile, if I've asked for something, and a shop assistant or waiter looks around to ask 'who'? - I don't mind if people pinpoint me by nodding their heads in my direction and saying, "la gringa".

Anonymous said...

Hey, was Iyad Albattikhi from a decent or important family?

Sounds like trash on stilts to me. He should be chopped up for dog food. Mind you, it sounds as though this muslim would be rejected by dogs,who are loyal to human beings. And expecting cats to eat it would be out of the question, given what picky eaters cats are. The fishes remain an option.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Maiiah renders dancing girl, trash, whore or something of that nature from the context.

To see the girl as having any individual value is a product of Judaeo-Christian upbringing and culture as seeing individuals having souls and merit per se.

Not all cultures accept this view. Many see human beings as prey depending upon where they are in the feeding chain.

Clearly the accused is not a Judaeo-Christian and probably loathes both creeds, but he lives in our country and might appreciate our laws unless of course, he feels his cultural norms to be paramount and that she entered into his value domain.

Hard things for right-on liberals to handle in their PC Skinner Box. Judaeo-Christians just look at the accused as a barbarian, but the Frankfurt-School therapy-trained Deconstructionists see the accusedc as a victim of a society trying to impose its ethnocentric norms on a free spirit.

Myself I think we have neglected missionary work with the heathen far too long - both the victim and the accused are in need of civilising influences

Anonymous said...

I am reminded that the Celts would eat people that they thought were worthless and despicable. It seems that Muslims hold the same beliefs. Being white and unimportant makes you kebab fodder.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the back of this one....

Our indigineous Muslims were not exactly falling over themselves to turn this guy in. He was preaching race hate for at least 3 years in the UK before he was brought to book.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:47 - That would be incorrect. Muslims have a disgusting "philosophy", but they don't eat people - probably on the same grounds that they wouldn't eat, or touch, a dog. Rule of thumb: if mohammad didn't do it, it's harum.

There is no point in trying to relate this to "Judeo-Christian heritage" - first because there really isn't any such a thing. And second because islam has no cultural intermingling with Christianity. It is a closed system. To him, the girl wasn't innocdent because she had rejected allah. She was an infidel. Expendable. Like the people who died and were maimed in 7/7 and 9/11.

I have been concerned about how the socialist Beeb has been reporting this. They report that the 14-year old legal child was "his lover". No. She was a little teenage slapper (tragically) and he was doubtless screwing other little little girls who were also disconnected from their families and their society. She was not "his lover". She was a 14-year old victim of child abuse.

Again, this horrifying incident follows the islamic pattern. When he was 53, Mohammad married a tiny little girl of six he had seen and who he fancied so much that her mother had to pick her off the swings she was playing on and immediately take her to his house. According to the koran, she was too tiny for him to have a go, so he "waited" until she'd grown a bit. He started screwing her when she was nine.

Nine years of age is still the legal age of consent (as endorsed by mo'!) in several islamic countries, including Iran.

Malia seems to mean 'secular' or 'not of the religion'.

Anonymous said...

Miah, which I thought came from maliah,seems to mean an easy girl.

Anonymous said...

There is no point in trying to relate this to "Judeo-Christian heritage" - first because there really isn't any such a thing.

Well the history of Europe for the past thousand years will have to be rewritten....and no doubt the whole principle of treating persons as ends and not means.

What do you suggest to fill that gaping void where European history was ?

Anonymous said...

Voyager, European institutions, cities and national civilisations were not built on Jewish principles, but Christian. The architecture and early music were dictated by Christian principles, as was English Common Law. Jewish heritage per se has made very little impact on Western civilisation as a whole because it is a private, closed, non-prosylitising religion that doesn't welcome newcomers, and preserves its own unique heritage.

Please don't construe the above above to think I claim that Jews have not made immense, incalculable contributions to Western society. They overwhelmingly have - but not not as Jews per se. But as scientists, musicians, writers, physicists, doctors,etc. In other words, Dr Jonas Salk did not develop a Jewish vaccine against polio. The Jewish physicists on the Manhattan Project did not develop a Jewish nuclear bomb.

The term Judeo-Christian began to be adopted in the United States, which has a very powerful Jewish lobby, in response to the dominance of Christmas and Easter as national holidays. No one was up for including Seder on the national holiday charts (incuding the Jews), so the term Judeo-Christian began to be bruited about as a way of acknowledging the contributions made by Jewish Americans.

This also coincided with the end of WWII and the discovery of Hitler's concentration camps. Americans felt they wanted to honour the contribution of Jews to civilisation in some way, and they started emphasising (over emphasising, if fact) the Jewish heritage of Christianity. In fact, Christianity was a break with Judaism ... but "Judeo-Christian" heritage is not a bad way of gluing us together. It is also, in the American sense, all-inclusive as its large population of African-Americans are overwhelmingly Christian.

I would far rather hear us talk about a made-up "Judeo-Christian herititage" than have to be assaulted by Tony Blair's ads, in the last election, against Michael Howard which depicted him as Fagin. That curdled my stomach.

But practically speaking, the concept doesn't really hold up.

Anonymous said...

Verity - Shiksa is never a term used with respect or affection. And it means abomination among other nasty things.

Anyway, Laban Tall, or anyone here actually believe what this guy says that she was a young girl who sought old Asian men as sexual partners? That is almost definitely the accused's wishful thinking. She was probably just a bit flirtatious, as is common among kids at that age growing up.

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous, shiksah's not used with "respect", but neither is it used in a condemnatory way (except in the case of Jewish mothers whose son is dating one). It is not particularly nice, but it's not sinister. Or perhaps I just know a bunch of enlightened Jews.

The little girl, who apparently had no parental control and probably only one parent, a mother, was one of a bunch of little girls who hung out in the back alley of the row of kebab shops and some of them exchanged sexual favours for free food. It's worse than Dickensian. Her little photograph is tragic. Puir wee soul!

What a real Conservative leader needs to do is knock that welfare crutch out from under this dreadful sub-human underclass. It's chilling.

Anonymous said...

I disagree on both points Verity.

I believe that this is the spin put on this story in order to make the victim seem less sympathetic. The allegation that this young girl sought out sex with older Asian men in alleyways strikes me as a smear which she cannot repudiate and tell us what really happened.

As to Shiksa - I'd say the Jews you know are not "enlightened" as you say, if they use this word to describe European women.

It's a version of calling people "goyim" or "kikes" or even "wogs". Use the expressions if you like but don't pretend they're something other than what they are.

"Sub-human underclass"? I seriously hope you're referring to the fastfood joint pedophiles, and not the butchered child.

Anonymous said...

Two major faults with the really rather weak comments on this thread by people who should know better:-

1) The condition of Charlene's morality is not the issue. The "much older men from the restaurants" were paedophiles and they were racists. The only reason these girls were used for sex is because they were white and the more readily dehumanised by their abusers.

The BNP has pointed to drug-supply as inherent in these cases in the past. Do you really think they put out for old Moslem men for a burger?

Charlene and all the English girls who are drawn into such circles are victims. Pity them.

2) The meaning of her sordid end is not just that there are Moslem paedophile rings in Northern England, nor that aliens of a supremacist tradition like Judaism or Islam do not respect our women.

The meaning is that our elites are traitors. It is because of the high treason of mass immigration policy that Albattiki, Raveshi and the others are in our home at all.

More specifically, our elites have demonstrated through the manner of the Lancashire Constabulary's apparent failure to pursue the paedophile angle and the media's shameful treatment of Charlene that they are no more connected to us and our cause than the average Jews or Moslem.

Wake up. My take on all this is here.

Anonymous said...

were not built on Jewish principles, but Christian. The architecture and early music were dictated by Christian principles, as was English Common Law. Jewish heritage per se has made very little impact on Western civilisation

Actually the system of banking and the institution of the Land Mortgage were Jewish innovations in European finance.

Prior to the Land Mortgage it had been impossible to raise money on property assets without selling the underlying asset. It is one of the innovations that made England able to build a commercial class.

The principle of The Reformation was Martin Luther re-ordering the Bible in the Jewish order and he learned Hebrew to assist in his translations and lectures.

The Reformation was largely to remove the Roman Imperial accretions to the Christian branch of Judaism. The first 17 Heads of the Christian congregations were Jews and it was not until 60 or 70 years AD that Christians no longer worshipped in synagogues.

The Roman Empire moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

The fact that Jews were a separate community in most European lands arises from the fact that the surviving strand of Judaism post-2nd Temple was Pharisaic and the Pharisees are the Prushim which means those who are separate .

They isolated themselves because that was their faith, but their trading and banking was wth non-Jews. Also the fact that large numbers of Jews converted, or were converted to Christianity at various stages of European history makes the point moot.

Anyone who tries to pretend that Christianity is a religion wholly separate from Judaism should perhaps become a Scientologist rather than acknowledge Jesus as an Orthodox Jew wearing Orthodox dress and using midrash.

There is no way to understand the New Testament unless you know the Jewish context because what most people seem to understand of the New Testament is New Age gibberish

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at this obsession with English Common Law

Go look at one of the Manifesto points of a German political party.....

The Twenty-five Point Program of the NSDAP, 1920

19. We demand substitution of a German common law in place of the Roman Law serving a materialistic world-order.


There's clearly nothing new under the sun. Why is Common law supposedly so superior to Statute ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Verity,
Once or twice I've been a bit perplexed by your approach.You reproach others for taking an extreme position and then go on to recommend a quick execution, either by bullets or chopping-up, for a villain.
I'm sure Mexico where you live has its own share of problems, but really we were talking about schiksas and miahs, not "gringas". (Is it true that the word originates from the first line of a song from Davy Crockett days "Green grow the laurels"? If so it may be an identifier, but not originally opprobrious in the way the other words seem to be.)
I suppose that if I were some yards from the door in a shop staffed entirely by black people I'd smile and nod if I were identified as "The honky".
Also I seem to remember that when Nick Griffin mentioned Asians who were attempting to groom underage white girls for sexual activities, he was shut up in pretty short order, as of course such things COULDN'T happen1

Anonymous said...

This dreadful story stirred something in my memory and I googled JAPANESE CANNIBALISM RESTAURANT and after being faintly sickened by the first few of the 180,000(!) references came up with "Issei Sagawa" who has a Wikipedia entry... What's amazing is that this monster has celebrity status. The strong-stomached can also look up "David Halker" and "Peter Bryan", and their pictures will tell you some of what you need to know...I suppose that everyone who bought a ticket for a Hannibal Lector films or who bought one of Harris's books is in some way paying homage to the cult of human flesh eating, even if they try to explain it away by claiming merely to be interested in the "psychological aspect" of such things...

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that clicking a link on Comments destroyed an entire comment that one had written. I clicked on Guessedworker's link and destroyed reasoning it had taken me 20 minutes to write, because I care about this little girl.

Why doesn't it warn you that if you click on a link, you can't get back to your original post? What a bloody waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Veritas,somewhat perplexingly, but most of his posts are disconnected from whatever the subject, writes: "I'm sure Mexico where you live has its own share of problems, but really we were talking about schiksas and miahs, not "gringas"."

We weren't talking about shiksas and miahs. We were talking about the murder of a child. The words shiksa and miah were tacked on later because that's where a temporary diversion took the conversation.

I'm not sure that Mexico would be proud to be defined as "Mexico, where you live". I think they have many greater claims to fame, including the Mayan calendar, devised around the year 1200 and accurate to the second, including leap years, and projected and written down by ancient Mayan astronomers until the end of the year 2010. Similarly, the Aztecs had an accurate calendar,but they didn't write theirs down into this century. Did you know that Mexico once owned Texas? And that many of their beautiful colonial capital cities date back to around 1500? Interesting country.

The ancient colonial cities of conservatively run states run like clockwork. Perhaps you should look closer to home if you feel a sneer coming on.

Similarly, Ve4ritas (same person?) seems to have devoted quite a lot of time to investigating cannibalism.

But, whatever your interest in the subject, this isn't about cannibalism. It is about the exploitation and murder of a neglected child, the exploitation and murder apparently at the hands of an immigrant (or of immigrant descent) from a tribe that traditionally regards girls and women as less than human. Female testimony in court counts for 1/2 the testimony of a male. They can only be willed ny a testator a percentage of what a male may receive from a will. A female cannot press charges for rape unless there were five male witnesses - begging the question, of course, of what on earth were those five male witnesses doing if not pummelling the rapist unconscious? If she cannot provide the five male witnesses to her innocence, she will be charged with adultery.

These are the standards that this tribe has imported to the streets and back alleys of Britain.

In many muslim areas of the world, the age of consent for a little girl is 9. So exploiting a child of 14 is no big deal.

I agree with Guessedworker. Our elites are traitors to our own people. And I am absolutely certain that David Cameron is at one with the prevailing elitist orthodoxy. I also agree with author and Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens that both major parties are clapped out and should be killed off. Neither of them holds a genuine principle between them.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for clicking on the MR link.

I am not a fan of Peter Hitchins. A lot of folk respond to his slugging, high-Littlejohn style, and think that's the real right speaking. It isn't. It's the safety valve right ... the right that is allowed to sound off in the MSM because it doesn't actually breach any of the barriers which confine us.

Thus, his notion that the political parties should be killed off sounds all terribly edgy and and full of big, futuristic thinking. But it's nonsense. The declining relevance of the three political parties issues from the decline of the liberal zeitgeist itself - that is, its hostility to the rights and interests of the majority, including the right to survive ethnically as an English people.

Hitchins can't or won't think in terms of such stark realism, so we get the partial-birth abortion of "killing of Labour and the Tories". Just bread crusts tossed on the surface of the Daily Mail's duckpond.

Sadly, Hitchins has 2.3 million ducks a day paddling after his scraps. MR has 70,000 unique readers a month. Such is the cost of genuinely wanting to kill-off liberal politics.

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, Guessedworker, I judge Peter Hitchens an astute thinker and a readable writer. His main concern for some time is that the Tories are not a Conservative Party any more and there is thus no point in them. I agree. You only have to look at the pr spiv they appointed "leader". How mentally poverty-stricken do you have to be to see this complacent, silly individual as a leader?

Cameron isn't a leader because he's not a thinker and he has no guiding moral principles. He's a pr opportunist. He's a shallow trickster who wants power at any price, on the principle of Buggins' turn. Fair dos! It's our turn! Shift over, like good chaps.

That the Tories elected this abortion instead of a man of principle, like David Davis or William Hague, tells us they too have lost their moral guidance.

I conclude that neither party has any idea what it stands for - or indeed, the understanding that it should stand for anything. I perhaps, coloured by my own opinion of the low-intelligence sleazes running Labour that they too are finished - and I may have read that thought into Hitchens' writing.

For sure he wants the Conservatives to collapse and a party of principle rise out of its ashes. Labour isn't quite as vacuous as the Conservatives, given that they are still driven by something: envy, class war, communism and one-worlderism.

It is the socialists who have not only flooded our tiny island with individuals from a primitive, very alien culture, but have them made it illegal for the owners of the country to criticise them. They also created the underclass that neglects its children, never knowing where they are and bringing them up on a diet of junk food and soft drinks. I wonder how long this little girl had been gone before her mother noticed she wasn't around?

Anonymous said...


No "party of principle" will arise within a decaying liberal zeitgeist. That is impossible. You see, the competing interests, ideas and ideologies within any general political milieu, in the universal sense, are a product of that milieu. Truly, radically different interests, ideas and ideologies cannot exist side by side with them. For that, a new milieu, or zeitgeist, must replace the current one. The process is revolutionary.

The section on origins in this post explains.

I am not looking for moulded minds like Davis's or Hague's to rail against the death cult and clear away all the obstructions to our freedom and continuity as owners of our house. They will not do it. Their loyalty does not lie in that direction.

The most they would do, like Sarkozy in France, is to entrench the damage done todate by noisily attending to potential new damage. Thus, they are, whether they know it or not, players in the long game.

For me, it doesn't matter if I loose my house and my future next year or in ten years time. I object just the same.

No, we have a larger task than reforming or replacing the Tories. We have to replace liberalism itself - which can be done with sufficient intellectualisation. I am not competent, of course, but wrote about it in principle here in, I hope, accessible terms and here more theoretically.

Anonymous said...

A very persuasive argument against liberalism, GW. Indeed, I'm convinced and so impressed with your first post that I've emailed it to a couple of friends.

I do think that the greed and simplicity of Cameron help your arguement. It is so obvious that he is one of them,whereas I didn't get the same feeling with Michael Howard at all. I think he is aware of the jeopardy in which liberals have placed the whole shooting match.

But back on topic, I still grieve for this poor little girl, born to a mother who probably didn't even miss her until she'd been dead for at least a day. Fourteen years of age, never knew a family and a family's love, and now murdered without a twinge of remorse.

And nothing will happen to her murderer. Nothing at all. Oh, he'll go to prison for a year or two, and demand an islamic toilet as it's his "human right", and he'll demand his disgusting halal food, and he'll demand Friday "prayers". And then he'll be back in his take-away, kebab's your uncle. And the little girl will still be dead.

Anonymous said...

PS - I was using the word 'liberalism' in the classic, not the lefty, sense.

Anonymous said...

I was using the word 'liberalism' in the classic, not the lefty, sense.

Yes, that's understood.

Anonymous said...

Truly a sad and disgusting tale. here is a 14 year old girl who was expelled from school, out carousing around at all hours of the night, whose parents hadn't an inkling of where she was or when she would return. Her mother stated that she waited 24 hours to report her missing because she stayed out all night before. Really? If she were my daughter I'd have her on a short leash and all else failing, place her in a centre for incorrigible youth in an attempt to straighten her out.
What's wrong with today's youth? Minds poisoned by corrosive liberalism in a post-Christian society. Did this young thing ever hear of AIDS, Hepatitis C, and a host of other venereal diseases? Did she ever read English history and learn of Jack the Ripper and what he did to young ladies of the evening in White Chapel? Did she think she was cool submitting herself to older foreign men in "Paki Alley" for a bag of chips or a one pound note? Damn the Parliament for importing this misery that grows like a cancer upon the face of Brittania! Vote BNP, now and forevermore!

Anonymous said...

AIDS, hepatitis C and the other physical ailments aren't as corrosive as the corruption of such a young child.

The mother should be arrested for child abuse,although she will not be. Imagine not being disturbed if your little 14 year old daughter was out on the streets of the city all night. It's beyond bizarre.

This dismantling of our civilisation has been intentional. It's just so disheartening that it was so easy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if you think I go off topic, Verity. As in music there are several ways of going on once a theme has been proposed: repetition, variation, development, recapitulation...but I don't think my starting an examination of certain dialect terms was irrelevant, just a way of analysing some of the ways in which a guest community reacts to the host upon which it is a parasite.
Sentimental lapses into a fake Scottish mode of speech - references to the Mayan calendar - well, I wouldn't have mentioned them if you hadn't accused me of wandering, but if Irrelevantia, goddess of digression and distraction, can trip up the heels of a mere neophyte outside the sanctuary, who only started looking at blogs a couple of months ago, she can also lay flat, with a tremendous TU QUOQUE, those who press nearer the altar.
Yes, I know a bit about Mexico, especially her baroque music, and I'm sure that none of the colonial cities go back as far as 1500; that must predate the arrival of the first large group of Christian missionaries. Some odd folk invest the fact that one calendar has a blank after 2100 with an eschatological significance. Hope you don’t.
And I digressed into cannibalism, not prompted by a macabre fascination, but because - and GW would surely agree - it's not unknown in our Western history. Some monstrous German was sentenced for it not long ago ago: we’ve a few home-grown white cannibals of our own. Evelyn Waugh evidently meant the cannibalistic finale of "Black Mischief" to be very funny, and it figures prominently in the repertoire of Victorian comic verse, with Thackeray and Gilbert making merry over it, and de la Mare as a late runner-up. With Hannibal Lector as what’s known as a cultural icon over here, we can’t afford to be TOO shocked.
I read GW’s writings on true conservatism. Click on his links. I was impressed. It was like reading a Scorpio article in the old days – but I should warn that in those days the New Right was paying court to Qaddafi (they liked his “Little Green Book”) and THE Ayatollah. Someone who’s now prominent in the BNP actually went out for audiences with Qaddafi and Khomeini, loudly crying “All hail to the heroic sacrifices of the political soldiers of Islam!”
And if the New Right or the Third Way are still following GW’s reading-list of Evola, Junger, de Benoist & Steuckers, well, Rene Guenon turns up in the Hall of Heroes too – and he publicly converted to Islam, which apparently invests his thought with all the weight of Traditionalism.
GW might like recommend either following or avoiding Guenon’s example. RG obviously preferred halal to croissants.
The rationale of the recently-trumpeted conversion from a sick neo-Nazism to modern Islamism of Eddy Morrison might be considered here. It could be that Qadaffi and the Ayatollah and Morrison are/were fanatica Jew-haters: however, tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis, and it’s rumoured, I know not with what authority, that Zionist Barbara Amiel has been paying attention to the BNP. I’m reminded of Mosley’s waiting on old Sieff - “With my policies and your money…”. I don’t think you could now buy a copy of the Protocols from their book service now. Desperation makes strange bedfellows.
I’m sure that Irrelevantia has been busily distracting me again: but I’m merely trying to point out that some of the solutions offered to, and predictions made on behalf of, our poor benighted culture (“Today’s diseased and faithless herd” as Belloc put it years ago) may suffer from inbuilt ideological self-contradictions, or may have the effect of putting their protagonists and advocates into strange company…remember that just as Hitler was meditating his solutions to the problems of post-WW1 Germany, Ludendorff and his friends were sacrificing horses. Morrison is supposed to have stopped at a cat (in his pre-jihad days) but that was because he couldn’t get a baby…
And OF COURSE, Verity, I agree with you about Charlene and her mother!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you were amused by my callow scribblings, sir. I wouldn't accept for one minute they were material of like quality to Mr Walker's.

As for Yahya Bey, too gloomy for me. And, as you say, an aversion to the bread of Christ. Most of all, though, I simply do not believe in collective salvation as a viable organisational principle. Doesn't work for liberals. Wouldn't work for Traditionalists.

You really should put your undoubted wealth of literary references, associations, tangentialities et al to better purpose than confusing the threaderati of the odd British political blog. Metapolitics or whatever you want to call it (if you want to call it anything) is desperately needed among our American cousins, don't you know? They just don't know it yet. You should educate the promising ones who show up at MR. Racial Nationalism is such coarse, dry fayre it's really very difficult to lubricate the gullet sufficiently to get it down.

Verity, did you know we've been together now for ... oh, four years thanks to Lady De Havilland. And you've only just discovered that I write stuff! Too, too disappointing.

You should brave the righteous voice of WN and humour me too.

Best to you both, and thanks for the fun.

Anonymous said...

GW - Has it really been four years?

Come, come, Perry is a gun guy and so has my respect.

Also he was funding his blog before broadband, and paying for the extra bandwidth himself to allow anyone to express a contrary idea if they chose. We were all his guests. Let us not be ungracious for his hospitality.

Veritas the Pedant, fussy, busy, so many allusions, so little time ..

Anonymous said...

Verity, my motto is "only connect"!
And I agree, it's a total waste of time.Puir wee lassie.
I shall now restrict any further comments I make here to the "Oh I'm so angry! I'd like to see them shot!" hissy fit variety.

Anonymous said...


This was my tribute to young Perry.

Don't be hard on Veritas - clearly a class act.

Anonymous said...

I can understand where Laban is coming from. he writes very clearly, and draws attention to all sorts of things that need looking at.
I can understand Verity's point of view. She is obviously a thoroughly decent person, and if shes living abroad she should come back to the UK and help us sort out the mess.
I can understand Veritas's point of view even if hes a bit confused and breathless and has boringly read too much.
But that last little xchange between them puzzles me.
"Guessedworker"s philosophical take is just too high-faluting, and the whole thing is degenerating into childish name-calling and a secret language.
The trouble is you are all too busy commentating -yes I know that's what its all about, but I'd like to see you all signing up to UK ACTIVISTS! If there's something wrong- and there is - debating right and left wing libertarianism wont help you fix it. Get it out onto the streets!
Veritas seems to think that the BNP has a few skeletons in its cupboard so it mightnt have the solution: and Nick Griffins recent instruction to them ,dont oppose the big Moslem march chaps, (see the BNP web site) certainly seems to mean that theyre only meant to make a theoretical protest.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:19. Yes, Britain has been robbed of its birthright and its traditions,its folkways and its history, in the name of inclusiveness for incomers they didn't invite and don't want in their house. The government is a dictatorship.

I would not return because Britain will not right itself for at least 20 years, or perhaps more. First, they have to face the fact that reverse immigration is now urgently required. But the Labour party needs the votes, and the Conservatives are easy to bully, so that's out. (France has a quiet, ongoing programme of reverse immigration, by the way. Immigrants get around £8,000 to bugger off back.) Schools, currently used for indoctrination programmes as vile as anything in China or the old Soviet Union, have to be yanked out of the cold, grasping hands of politicians.

I think it will take a coup d'etat, and if the Queen had been more vigilant for the British, rather than just her own successors, she would have ordered Blair's government shut down and a temporary military administration while our civil society was rebuilt.

Anonymous said...


The blog I began in Autumn 2004 provides for the expression of a variety of opinion. Included there is far more than the usual political and news analysis, though there is that, of course. I am only one voice and one opinion there, and by no means the most respected or interesting. But much - not all - of the non-audio philosophical input has to come from me (there has to be philosophical input, you know, alongside the science, reportage and analysis).

It is interesting that you mention activism. There is a palpable sense in which the pressure for activism is rising, particularly among Americans. We are reporting activism and we recently opened a subject category on it.

But I think we are a long way yet from organised political activism on what is conventionally understood as "the Tory right" (allowing that the BNP is shooting at the Labour Party).

Indeed, since Tory supporters tend not to live cheek-by-jowl with our vibrant new friends, and since they are so dedicated to high consumerism, the chances of a general voter awakening are small. I don't hold out great hopes for the Tory pols, either - though it is always possible that Cameron will break the back of the Party and cause a search for the soul of Conservatism. Among all my philosophical ramblings are some slightly serious proposals as to what that soul actually is.

You are right, incidentally, that the knockabout piece about the eggregiously liberal Samizdata was just for fun. There is a history behind it that Verity knows well, and really my inclusion of the piece was just for her, since I think - and have always thought - that she is "a great gal" (though she will probably eviscerate me for saying so).

Anonymous said...

Well thanks, "Guessedworker", but that's an example of what I was getting at. Your having a private joke with Verity - but I thought blogs like this were for open public discussion of serious issues, not private "in" things. And if that was knockabout, well it wasn't exactly laurel and Hardy, was it? You slag off one at least of the tory journalists as just providing a safety valve, but is your kind of writing any different? I think you'r implying that Hitchens and Littlejohn are safety-valves because they make old-fashioned folk feel better,or give them something to let off steam about in the pub, but they're not going to influence any policy or get anything changed. Is your writing any different? You can go on about Eggregious (and I must say, it's ONE G at the start, I looked it up!) and eviscerating people, but that's not going to get people on the doorstep signing up or making a donation is it? And neither is too much going on about foreign philosophers. What's "Metapolitics"? Is it a sort of Virtual Politics? Then it won't work!
I'v come across zeitgeist before: wheres' the revolution going to come from that's going to change it? You've got to change it for just about EVERYONE, not just a little elite who've appointed themselves and who haven't any power - its just a talking shop otherwise. And basically, your typical Englishman won't understand you.
Surely it's a question of getting onto people's doorsteps or taking up a public stance on things? I mentioned Nick Griffins instructions to his people to go easy on the next Moslem demonstration. Surely if the average viewer sees them just marching along with their "Behead our enemies" placards and no fuss, he's going to feel a bit depressed, "oh well no-one really cares anymore, let them get on with it," and that's all: but if he sees them being seriously opposed, (and it doesn;t have to get violent,) he might feel inspired and say "I can do that too!" and turn up on the next march?!
Surely the NF when it was truly active got a huge amount of coverage and members in the 70's with the Lewisham march? They were all over the papers and theyre still available on Youtube! What's happened to the right? It used to be active in central and North London, now there's nothing. Was it really badly infiltrated? Why isn't it REALLY active? Is it really just for people who don't get out more? It's not American activists you and veritas should be talking about, its ones here in the UK!
Recent TV shows Griffin and Co and Margaret Hodge playing a silly game of "I thought of it first!" but the BNP should be forcing Hodge to own up to all the harm she did to kids when she was i/c at Islington, and when she had a statue of lenin on her desk.
I would do anything to help rid this country of the Moslem threat. Yesterday I heard on the radio how Brit expats in Spain (and Portugal perhaps) are forming their own parties in Spain and opposing local corruption -How long before we have a lot of local Islamic groups contesting council elections all quite independant of the Labour etc party, calling for Sharia, without even Margaret Hodge to reign them in? Why aren't we doing the Spanish trick HERE?

Anonymous said...


Please understand that I, like many others, have thought pretty hard about the prospects for English (and, indeed, European) genetic survival. Our conclusion is that activism needs help it doesn't know it needs, and is even incapable of understanding.

As thing are, we are like powerless children swept up by great currents and borne onward towards a fate not of our own choosing. These currents are several and they come from far away. They are very long-standing (and in one case longer than that). They do not include "the left" or "Islam".

You might think that to escape their grip we have only to reintroduce the normal, healthy ethnocentric (or, in the 19th Century sense, racist) thinking of our forefathers. And that is true in a blunt, magic-bullet sense. But the world (ie, the political milieu or zeitgeist) has a formidable shaping power. Man is a highly suggestible being.

You will understand that I am saying here that an average white IQ of 100 is chronically insufficient for independent thought. People are conventionalists, and conventionalists in the modern Cult of the Individual cannot free themselves en masse to discriminate for their own ethnic interests. It may be that they can only be "freed" into a healthy convention - in a Darwinian sense, an adaptive convention. Such is Man.

We did not arrive collectively at this pass through some slow, organic accretion of accidental events and bad decisions. It does no good to look for a salvation in daily politics. That way lies insufficient change, frustration and, when it is all too late, failure.

Let us think to survive.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Guessedworker", well thanks a lot mate! There's one thing I do understand, and that's you seem to think I'm too thick to understand your deal and join your elite. Well, I may only be only your average IQ of 100%, and how do you know that? but at least i think that wht I'm saying is pretty clear: the country is in a terrible state of which the Charlene Downes case is just one example (and Im sure that not many Moslems eat children) and WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
How are you going to wake up the gteat Conservative conscience or consciousness? I like reading history: did the great Consciousness wake up in 1066, or in the crusades at the Reformation? Or in 1688 or the wars aginst Napoloen? or Russia. or in 1914 or 1939? Does it really exist?
Your last post I can't understand. What is the current from far away when its long-standing and "longer than that?" Is it the Christians or the Jews? Why don't you think that the Left and Islam are threats? if notr them who is? Well I know you don't HAVE to be a lefty to oppose capitalism and consumerism which have been used against us, but why don't you say who the enemies really are?
I asked you a question about why the "Right" here aren't active? Reading your stuff makes me think you could easily be a Lefty really, so perhaps that's what you want. I know the BNP've got a few counselors but they didn't do as well as they said they would in the elections. They have got to do more than send flowers to Margaret Hodge (see YOUtube) and the Private Eye has said that some of them are so slow (bit like me eh mate!) that they're always voting against their own policies .
The whole point of this thread is about Charlene Downes,and the takeover of this country, not whwther you and "Verity" know Lady de Havilland.If this is Metapolitics then as I said it's no use. I'm not asking YOU to start up a new party and go doorstepping people: you are not in touch enough with people like me for that. And I do understand that you need a theory before you can do anything, but looking at your other posts on Majority Rights I think its all too much theory. If its not a talking shop it may be just a thinking shop. And your thought has got to be transmitted into ACTION because we need something practical.Can't you start infiltrating the Tory party or the BNP? But perhaps I'm just too stupid to understand this.
Now I can't see that Veritas said anything about The bread of Christ (unless Ive missed something) Is h this a big Catholic deal for you or him (or her)?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:32 - I don't know what you're expecting to contribute to the argument against the theft of our identity given that you haven't the imagination or the courage to invent a user name.

Guessedworker and I used to be regular contributors to the same blog - Samizdata - and often participated in the same threads, owned by Perry de Havilland, who I always liked. Gussedworker got banned for insisting on the case against mass miscegenation, which Perry simply refused to acknowledge. Guessworker clearly has his own thoughts about Mr de Havilland.

Some time after GW was banned, I left one day because of the constant, snippy intrusions of one Jonathan Pearce, who not only constantly stepped in to moderate comments on his own threads - somewhat inhibiting to the writers - but then expanded into bossing people around on the posts of his colleagues, striding, keen-eyed, up an down the threads, the eternal invigilator. The universal hall monitor. One day I just never went back.

I haven't talked to Guessedworker in a couple of years at least. Other than a couple of "hello! Long time no sees!", we were not trespassing on Laban's property to have a private converation.

I would, in fact, oh, brave anonymous one, be interested in GW's response to your questions. I share your hunger for action, or a programme or, at the very least, an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Hello Verity, i hope you dont think i was dissing you. OK, after this I will invent a name to show how brave and imaginitive I am. I opened a book at random and it came up would you believe it? at MEGALITHIC! so that's it. (I like your typo Gussedworked: (perhaps it should be Cussedworker)
BUT LOOK; here you are down Mexico way, and here WE are stuck in the burning building!I think "Veritas" was on to this; did you leave us ages ago for whatever reasons, employment or family, or was it when you first smelled the smoke?
I'm pushing 60 now, (perhaps I should have chosen THE GAFFER) and I first noticed the smoke in about 1958. My granny came in one day saying that the negro bus conductor had been shouting all the way to Croydon about how his people were going to take over. Now I felt threatened by this: I'd been to the cinema a lot of times and had seen some what they'd now call racial stereotyping and I remember reading The Coral Island which has a frightening cannibal scene in it (although I didn't see the classic king Kong until I was about 30 (!) and of course my little primary school was all white, apart frome one I suppose Malaysian (Malayan in those days) lad whose features were Europaen but very swarthy. His behaviour suited me, and I really didn't see any difference. I knew there were a couple of immigrants in the street, and a few at the places where my grandad and aunty worked: but they were I think Indian, and spoke fairly good English. There werent many of them: but it was the real black people that frightened me: would we be eaten? I managed to keep fairly cheerful about things when young: trhere was a strip in my comic "The Topper" called "Captain Bungle: He lives in the Jungle" about a stupid colonial type in a pith helmet who always got into trouble and was saved by his kind manservant Sam, (top-knot, bone through nose, but a good and loyal guy) and that did something to allay my fears about the conductor and his mates. I wonder if that conditioned me?
Then gradually all my real childhood fears came back and they're still there: only this time they'r called up by walking through CRoydon or Finsbury Park or just about anywhere in London. You can take a bus ride and not hear a word of English; the driver might LOOK like us but will be a Latvain or whatever if he's not Asian or African. There is gang war down the road between Turks and Kurds: did you read about the bloke who was set upon in one of these fights and was badly hurt and then actually pulled out of the ambulance into the street and finished off? This was local to me in North London.
I want my country back : I feel as if I'd been deported for some unknown crime and I'm being punished by being forced to live among strangers. THEY all seem to know each other, but the amount of my racial kin, not just the people I knew well, but people I just nodded to and said "hello" to, is all going down. I hardly ever find an English shop-worker.
I told the local C of E vicar that there'd soon be a crescent moon on the top of his church tower: he laughed and seemed a bit embarrassed. I'm told that in the last few years 900 churches have been turned into mosques: how many churches are there in Saudi?
I must stop this rant or you'll be saying this is as bad as "Guessedworker", all ranting and no plan of action: but do you agree with me that his stuff doesn't really contain any meat and bone? It's all "Western Man at the Crossroads: Which way freedom" and as you say he needs to come up with a plan of action. I don't trust the BNP: I've done a bit of Googling and it does seem as if some of them were pro-Moslem a few years ago. Today's papers pictures of Phony Tony reminded me of all that: either Gaddaffi was responsible fo Lockerbie and Blair should spit on him rather than flatter him, or the UK and USA was in which case I'm coming out to join you in Tequila-land. You said you were aware of being in a minority there; does that bother you? USA WASPS seem bothered by the spics as they call them: but surely the Catholics there get along the Catholic ones?

GW could answer the quetions about Gaddaffi and Co. and converts to Islam that "Veritas" asked on 3.13 P.M. so we know where he's coming from:
Otherwise his stuff is just like my stuff, but with better spelling I suppose and grammar!

Anonymous said...

Megalithic -Guessedworker is a talented, articulate writer and thinker and I think his own agenda is to open people's eyes. It is astounding though, how many people shut their eyes tight, cross their fingers, click their heels three times and say, "I believe in magic". I think Guessedworker is trying to get people to pay attention and face reality. It is not an easy task that he has set himself. The person who tries to prize open eyes that are squeezed shut is never going to enjoy a warm welcome from the reality deniers.

I smelled the smoke in 1990 when Blair slithered onto the national consciousness. I took one look at him and saw evil and destruction in his eyes. And I left.

I feel uneasy about continuing this conversation on this thread; first, because it is O/T and not what Laban intended the thread for. Second, I feel as though I am trespassing on this little girl's grave.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Verity", OK, I'm sure you are right and I really do share your feelings about Charlene and the purpose of this blog. But it's still up to "GW" to suggest whats to be done so that there aren't more Charlenes. After all, we're not just having a funeral service, we do have to look to the future.
If he doesn't want to reply, so be it.

Anonymous said...

"Maiiah" is slang Arabic word which means "easy going" girl...or maybe he said "Maitah" which means "dead" but I am not sure if the word heard correctly to be written. Anyway, I am ready to help the police (confidentially) in understanding slang words in investigating this shameful crime... because I am from the same part of the world where the killer is originally from.

Also, the killer Iyad Batteekhi is from well known family in the Middle East...Maybe that's why they said "she is not from descent family.." so they have this class discrimination.

Again, I am ready to help the police.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Megalithic! That's better. Now you are English flesh and blood.

You ask, "What are we going to do?" We are going to lift a crippling weight from the backs of our people. We are going to banish fear from our hearts, and do the hard things that must be done. We are going to unite in that purpose as we have united many times in extremis in our past. We are going to return to our children their birthright to this sacred land.

This is the greatest possible ambition for any Englishman, and it is a revolutionary ambition. But the only honourable life at the end of history is a revolutionary's life.

Your question, then, is how can we live that life?

Of course, that question sounds odd, even delusional in amongst all the excruciating banalities of daily existence, blessed as we are with freedom from material want, attended by every imaginable distraction. But these are not banal times. It is late, and the question is the right question.

The answer is: We assert the moral right of the English to England. This we must do, for now, at an individual level. Do it in every way you can, not with negative feeling against the vibrant of course, but with that amour propre we owe to ourselves. Speak your own truth. Model fidelity to our rights and interests for every Englishman you encounter. Challenge their received ideas, however engrained. Challenge their defeatism, complacency, slavery. Acquire all the tools you need to do this, for they are there if you look. Educate yourself.

This is what is possible today. There are not enough of us to pursue the greater, collective challenges - and of those that there are, far too many are damaged goods. Later, when we have attracted new intellectuals, new visionaries, engines of political war will be built for the greater challenges. We will accomplish through philosophy, through organisation and through numbers what we cannot do with our bare hands now. We must. We have no choice.

Now, the man with the Green Book ...

I am not a member of the BNP. Although MR is linked by the better nationalist blogs, the Party itself avoids us because we discuss the JQ. We also tend to critique the notion that political activism alone will getthe job done. Still, I acknowledge the fact that they are the only game in town, and there is no reason why we should put our noses in the air at the mention of them. Leave that to Pavlov's children.

Islam? Islam was not formative to the unhealthy turn we took in the second half of the 20th Century. The Moslems who are in the West are merely Darwinian opportunists occupying a niche. In the name if our own rights and interests we have to return them to their homelands. But first, we have to provide for ourselves a politic that has our rights and interest embedded once more at its heart. Without that, we are impotent.

Anonymous said...

Good man, "Anonymous" at 11.38pm. I respect you for that.
And "Guessedworker" Thankyou for that too. Now I always take the English side in any argument. I am not though like the great Lord Nelson with his "You must hate a Frenchman like the Devil himself". I wear my St.George Cross on the right day and try and explain why: perhap I will have another opportunity of talking to you elsewhere perhaps on MR for as Verity says this thread is for someone else, Charlene, and I think it might be good to see if Laban would like us to stop here so that the last word can be thanks to the latest "Anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

I see the Dept of Education or something to do with Alan Johnson has advised teachers not to instruct children who know answers to put their hands up. It makes stupid pupils feel, well, stupid, I guess is the word.

Strong is bad. Clever is bad. Initiative is bad. "Cooperative" is good.

Dumb down, dumb down, dumb down until you have a society of drones that can be completely controlled. Putting up your hand in class shows initiative. I advise everyone to get out of Britain now, because these people are powerful. Look at how they've advanced the agenda, with front song and dance flim-flam man Tony Blair, in just 10 years. Our Constitution wrecked. Our Bill of Rights trashed. Double jeopardy binned. And speaking of bins, the government is going to decide what you can throw away and what light bulbs they will allow in your dwelling.

It's not going to change. Cameron loves Blair's legacy and is anxious for his turn at the bat.

More immigrants, more schools to teach morons how to be obedient and to punish children who can think. 1984 and Brave New World - children conceived in test tubes - is here.

Sauve qui peu! It will not change in your lifetime without an armed revolution, and they were smart enough to take away your arms, so there won't be an armed revolution. Your only hope is the military and the Queen is weak.

You allowed this bizarre Snowdrop woman and Tony Blair to disarm the entire country of Britain without a fight. The first sign of weakness. People who believed in firearms didn't want to look mean.

Well, now you don't.

Anonymous said...

The pen, Verity ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Verity and Guessedworker: I'm embarrased that my Adieu turns out to be an Au revoir. As Anonymous/Megalithic says, he's still in the burning building. Where are the firemen? They're all abroad. I mentioned Gilbert once before and I'll quote him now...

DUKE. My child, the Duke of Plaza-Toro does not follow fashions — he leads them. He always leads everybody. When he was in the army he led his regiment. He occasionally led them into action. He invariably led them out of it.

SONG. In enterprise of martial kind,
When there was any fighting,
He led his regiment from behind—
He found it less exciting.
But when away his regiment ran,
His place was at the fore, O—
That celebrated, Cultivated, Underrated
The Duke of Plaza-Toro !

ALL, In the first and foremost flight, ha, ha !
You always found that knight, ha, ha!
That celebrated, Cultivated, Underrated
The Duke of Plaza-Toro !

DUKE:When, to evade Destruction's hand,
To hide they all proceeded,
No soldier in that gallant band
Hid half as well as he did.
He lay concealed throughout the war,
And so preserved his gore, O !
That unaffected, Undetected, Well-connected
The Duke of Plaza-Toro...


Anonymous said...

GW - Only in some instances where there is a reasonable,literate population capable of following an argument.

Anonymous said...


Britten and Auden hear their country’s call,
But, somewhat fearful lest Britannia fall,
Sail far away, their unconscripted heads
To hide, where bombs can’t find them in their beds.
And when at last their boat is safely moored,
They fight for land and people, from abroad..
True patriots both – bold fighters - you, like these,
Have found your country’s best served overseas,
Where, slinging ink most boldly, from a distance,
You lead us in a papery resistance.

Anonymous said...

Lapsus Calami - So?

I'm going to waste my life while millions of my fellow citizens bend the knee and bare their necks to the socialist? When they allowed themselves to be cowed by accusations of "racism" and inhibited from demanding that mass immigration from primitive societies be halted, that was a clue. And when the Blair government began passing laws against thought crimes and "racism", that was another clue. The British were too frightened to do stand up to their own government. Who would want to live among such people? (Plus all their vibrant and exciting new immigrant neighbours?)

Anonymous said...

Long years ago, perhaps ere you were born,
I found that verse evaporated scorn:
And yet preserves it. It can draw the sting
From out my heart and leave me free to sing
(Now purged of anger) a more tuneful song,
Heedless of hatred, forgetful of all wrong.
I die. The words endure. One, unexempt
From reason’s rule, may find them, say, “Contempt
Indeed! Pray, what provoked it? Let me find
What caused this man such bitterness of mind?”
And reading on, shall say: “Hypocrisy
Like this, the like rage raiseth up in me!
I scorn those cowards, who, made safe by flight,
At former comrades scoff, who stand and fight!”

Anonymous said...

I won't recite all Blair's crimes while in office, like banning demonstrations within so many yards of Parliament, the HoL, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Union, the corruption, the signing of the HRA to Fatso could rake it in, but just ask, where were all you poets during these 10 years of assualt on our liberties?

In your garrets rather than the streets, that's for sure.

Three and a half million of us have left. At least we did something.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Verity, about trespassing on Charlene's grave (6.11 P.M) because by 2.40 A.M you had gone completely off-topic with Alan Johnson, a tasteless (sorry!)deviation after you had been calling everyone to order and after Megalithic had suggested a respectful pause.
Do you know the story of the elderly Oxford don who was approached by one of the white-feather brigade in 1914; "Why aren't you out at the front, protecting our culture?" she hissed. "Madam", said he, "I AM that culture!".
You seem to imply that those who stayed behind are in some way responsible for Charlene's plight, while those that left are free of guilt.
So they "did something", did they?
Er, Well yes, they contributed to the dilution of our stock.
Well, Lapsu calami can answer for himself, but as for me, as I suppose I might have to justify myself too -
I noticed that things in this country were unbearably bad by about 1980. After the death of Albert Mariner I joined the NF. Other members of my family had been involved with it for some years previously.
A local branch used to come for meetings at my parents' house. Tyndall came over but I didn't get on with him at all. In general they seemed a decent bunch, but our interests didn't coincide. I contributed a few ephemeral articles and reviews to a Nationalist periodical however. I was worried a bit about the peculiar rumours of cultic behaviour, and having met several Nationalists who were into magic, neo-paganism (that most transparently shallow and nonsensical of all modern inventions) and into the sort of weird Hitler-worship that "Searchlight" used to decry.
However, the members I met in London seemed a livelier more clued-up bunch, and a leaflet given me after Albert Mariner's death prompted me to join the NF. I managed to make an accomodation in my mind between Christianity and neo-paganism, based on the respect both systems accorded the family unit.
I soon became an officer in my local branch, organised events and addressed meetings, went on demos and marches and became extremely active. I counted quite a few well-known members as friends, from an intellectual like Andrew Brons to another like Joe Pearce, now achieving fame as a biographer and expounder, and Ian Stuart the "Skrewdriver" musician.
This imperilled my working life, and my Union wanted to expel me: I made no secret of my membership at work, and survived several attempts on my position there too. My family and social life was also pressurised: and the whole thing cost me a great deal of money.
However I was becoming increasingly aware of all sorts of sinister cross-currents and factional problems: there were neo-Hitlerians, Mosleyites and Strasserites, anti-Semites and Holocaust revisionists, Jews like Albert Elder, Catholic distributists ("traditionalist" followers of Archbishop Lefebvre but they hadn't any Latin)followers of Dawkins and neo-pagans, Gaddafi-lovers,pro-Arabists, people who proposed approaches to the anarchists or to the hard Left, Theosophists,political soldiers, people who wanted to take a pop at the Tyndall lot, people who liked skinheads, people who feared them. Some notables took to coming to meetings with bodyguards, fearing a good beating would be administered by the locals, and there was the problem of the Fiore faction, bitterly opposed by Webster, who caused problems of his own by his outrageously homosexual behaviour. The whole thing was bursting with ideological contradictions and of course it was incredible easy for the police and Searchlight to infiltrate us. I spoke at the AGM at which Webster was expelled (I voted against him): he left prophesying disaster, and was right.
After various legal wranglings I left too: it was getting too confusing, and to be quite frank, dangerous.
I don't regret belonging in the least as I met some jolly interesting people and had many good debates, but I don't think I could join any of the present Nationalist groups, but would be perfectly happy to collaborate with some of them. I would beware of some of them though: as I've said, the cross-over between "Rightist" thought and a type of anarchism isn't at all new and in its present incarnation could contain the seeds of menace.
In about 1988 I left, and took up in a very humble capacity, the attitude exemplified by the Oxford don.
I have since done as much as I can with limited means to promote and make propaganda on behalf of European and British culture, whether folkish (traditional singing and balladry etc) or courtly (Renaissance music and poetry) and giving the occasional lecture. For some years I've been in poor health and have had some life-threatening hospitalisations: there hasn't really been a group to get active with( I distrust the BNP although I'd vote for them), nor am I physically up to it. I don't think that even if I could afford to leave the country for a nice barn-conversion in rural italy I would do so as i love my country. (Can it be that the love of such a patriot as Kipling was conditional -
"If England was wehat England seems,
'Ow quick we'd drop 'er! BUT SHE AIN'T!")
And even if I did leave, I don't think I would take such a hostile attitude to those who could only stay at home.
I would really like to meet you and GW in another thread where we might get on better: I don't know if Laban and his older friends enjoy this sort of thing or if they are embarrassed and frustrated by it.

Anonymous said...


You are welcome in my house. To prove it I have put up a small post whoch may interest you.

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks, GW.

I'm flattered - seriously.

But I'm leaving this blog now. You're welcome to make use of whatever parts of my boring pedantic (sic Verity) ramblings appeal to you.
Into the general mix of BNP cross-currents I should have put the pro-IRA faction (fact, although they rarely admitted it), and the UDA supporters.
I suppose one thing united all these disparate elements, was that we all liked a bloody good drink!
I did so approve of your BNP/NF analysis!
I may see you on the MR site then.
This has been interesting and fun, but a lot of people here only want to read snappy comments in the same key. Attention span of goldfish. Don't come over as people, only as angry personality-free masks.

Still disagree a lot with some of your approach, though - perhaps we can actually discuss that. Verity & co don't do discussion, too busy.

If I had money I'd buy Verity a year's sub. to the Reader's Digest and perhaps the Harrogate Recorder.

and thanks Laban: if you really didn't like me you could have said so!

Fear not: this blog is now being deleted from the Favourites list

Anonymous said...

Veritas The Last:

Re your wish that you could afford a subscription to The Reader's Digest for me, you are, of course, basing your assumptions of my literary tastes on my failure to appreciate your windy, pedantic, self-regarding meanderings through the unmarked byways of your life. Anyone who doesn't applaud your ability to dilate on so many subjects must naturally be wanting in education and sensibility.

You advise me to integrate into the country I live in and stop following British politics and news. This tells me you've never lived abroad. Foreigners of all nationalities usually do both.

Finally, your lack of a happy reception is, of course, the fault of all the other bloggers, not you. You write: "This has been interesting and fun, but a lot of people here only want to read snappy comments in the same key."

This isn't academe. It's a blog for people to discuss current events, politics and social issues as though engaged in a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Evil's excrement inside Mohammad's gullet (Mohammad prophet Allah) = Quraan.

کیر خر آغشته به سنده خوک تو کس هواهر و مادر و زن و بچه همه سیدهای اولاد پیامبر!

fairy said...

nobody seems to get it... regardless of who charlene downes was she didn't deserve to die... she was an abused child!!! and as for muslims eating human bodies- he fed them to tourists in kebabs!!! he got a thrill out of terrorising white girls and any other peron who ate in this monsters shop!

Anonymous said...

I am Charlene's cousin and I think you are all so unfair about the way you go on.
It is not your family but ho would you feel if it was your daughter!!!!

donna said...

shes from a family who loves her very much.
Its so nasty for some people to say shes not from a decent or important family, what do they no, if it aint happen to them then they dont no what it feels like

Anonymous said...

People attributing this mans actions to Islamic beliefs, and furthermore professing their love for Christianity, have you forgotten about the endemic pedophilia within the church and Christian religion? 50,000 PRIESTS are being bought to trial for sexually abusing children.. I repeat 50 THOUSAND CHRISTIAN PRIESTS..

There is no justification for your hypocrisy, no matter how hard you'll try. All those sexually abused children out there, as a DIRECT result of the Christian faith, and you focus on one relatively isolated incident just because the perpetrator is a different race, colour, creed or religion.. With your skewed sense of justice, you are no better than those Christian pedophile priests.

Anonymous said...

I knew Charlene thru school, she was a lovely lass, and she(nor anyone) deserved what happened to her. I can speak from experience that the men in the takeaways there are very interested in the younger girls who frequent their establishments, and they try to befriend you and then try to instigate sexual activity. I lived in Blackpool from the age of 12 and it happened to me on a number of occasions. She was a sweet, kind, caring girl and she is missed deeply by her family, friends and all those who had the fortune of knowing her

Peace4all said...

FACT: the fastest growing religion in the world is Islam.
Fact: the fastest growing religion in America is Islam.

I wonder why?

It is every human beings DUTY to SEEk the TRUTH

If you dont believe this then check it out yourself.

peace out.

Anonymous said...

Are u sure its Maiiah and not Moza

Moza means like slutty girl just a bit of fun its slang

Anonymous said...

No muslim can be trusted with our children.

Anonymous said...

Islam means submit, not peace as some of our leaders claim.

Anonymous said...

What the world needs now
is another full scale Crusade to rid the western world of these sick sadistic parasites known as muslims.

Anonymous said...

The term 'British Muslim' is an oxymoron

Muslims are muslims first second and last and owe allegiance to no country or nation. Only Islam.

Anonymous said...

In relation to the kebab reference, Muslims do not ever eat the food they cook for sale to the British public. They never eat, or serve to their family and friends, what they serve us. So the kebabs would have been eaten only by unsuspecting British people, not by the muslims themselves.

Anonymous said...

im goin to assume the words heard in arabic have been spelt as best as can by the person transcribing.

the word maiah which is probably what is meant means missing in english.

as for the case and the others all over the uk its now clear for any person with brain cells still firing we have a big problem. a problem with how the police treat these cases, how they collect preserve and share info and their blatant approach of protecting sexual predators if they belong to the minority muslim community and of demonizing the victims and their families. our police force have been nutered...and our justice system operates with no backbone.

british courts and judges are colluding with external players, clearly actors powerful enough to corrupt our established legal syatem whose agenda is too hide the shocking facts about pakastani muslim sex gangs.

the shocking part for me is that despite the fact the alley behind the shops was well known as paki ally and known for young girls being lured with drink drugs specifically for the objective of recieving sexual favours in return. despite the fact the owner was recorded over 50 times in audio bugging where he clearly states he knew charlene, that hed had sex with her describing how small she was, then claiming he had no clue of who she was.

even with this info, its clear for all to see the corrupt legal apparatus has no real committment to justice.

these men got off due to a technacality resulting from apparent police incompetence, they werent proved to be innocent at clearly proving the regular acts of pedophillia at the premises and surrounding grounds with the shop owner himself particapating exists and our courts paid these scum child predators 250k each.

i think its become perfectly clear the agencies once trusted to maintain democracy and to enforce fair and unbiased application of the law no longer can or want to continue as before.

it is now an irreversible set of circumstances, our polutical structure has been compromised and now fullfills the desires of the marxist agenda.

until the people wake up on mass every single case where white british underage girls being abused by one or more non british man will have the same outcome, everytime.

sadly i think we will have no choice but to respond outside of the rule of law. theyre making peaceful attempts impossible...violence will be all we have left.

God help those in power will come with rage.

Anonymous said...

The things you have said about Muslims are just completely incorrect. The prophet Mohammad actually established some basic rights for women in an era where none existed at all and he worked to prevent the abuse of women, he said women should be treated with the same respect as men. Furthermore, in the Muslim religion you are expected to respect other religions even if, they do not have the same beliefs as your own. These men who abuse white women are not acting like Muslims and would abuse no matter what religion they were, simply because they are abusers. They seek out vulnerable girls who happen to be white but, if other races were vulnerable they do exactly the same to them. They are abusers full stop, Further more, the police should be honest about the statistics, it is unfair to say they are Asian men. Since Asians includes Korean, Indian, Malaysia Singapore, Thailand, its a massive continent. None of these Asians are responsible for these types of crime. It’s primarily Pakistani and Middle Eastern men. And not all the Pakistani community are like this.

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