Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Day ...

Another Home Office initiative overturned by the courts.

Controversial immigration rules aimed at stopping sham marriages are unlawful, says the Court of Appeal. Judges said the law breached the fundamental rights of immigrants subjected to the vetting. Last year three couples argued at the High Court that the home secretary had discriminated against them. Three senior judges have now agreed, saying ministers failed to find out if those marrying were genuinely in love or part of an immigration scam.

I imagine there'll soon be a form to fill in - "are you genuinely in love or is this part of an immigration scam ?"

And yet more Control Order abscondees. If you remember, Control Orders were brought in when the courts overturned a different Home Office Initiative.

The Home Office said six out of the 17 people on control orders have now absconded. Earlier on Wednesday, in a break with the practice adopted after the previous incidents, Mr Reid asked the High Court to lift the three men's anonymity to help with the police investigation.

Police described Lamine Adam as of north African origin, 6ft, slim, with a light complexion, short dark brown hair and last seen with a short beard. Ibrahim Adam is also of north African origin, 6ft 2in, slim with a light complexion and short dark brown hair. It later emerged their brother, Anthony Garcia, 25, was among those jailed last month at the Old Bailey for his part in a plot to build a homemade bomb capable of killing hundreds, the Met Police confirmed. They said Cerie Bullivant was white, 5ft 7in, slim with receding brown hair and brown eyes. It is understood he recently cut his hair very short.

I see that the Conservatives are accusing the Home Secretary of failing to protect the public. I'm not exactly sure what they're supposed to do. These guys are UK citizens and we don't do imprisonment without trial for UK citizens. We don't do it for Johnny Foreigner any more either, thanks to the Law Lords.


Anonymous said...

Funny judges...other European countries have no problem treating other nationals differently from their own especially as regards foreigners marrying......Germany insists on documentatuon being obtained from country of origin

Clearly British Judges have their political agenda.....or are simply too stupid to understand the Conventions properly.....they are trying to innovate in English Law

Anonymous said...


Applications and/or Documents to be Submitted to the Registrar: Bring along original copies of the following (and be sure pack these in your hand luggage, never in your checked bags):

Birth certificate (with certified translation if certificate is not in German)

Marriage certificate of parents (with certified translation if document is not in German). This certificate is not required if the birth certificate gives the parents' personal data and marriage date.

Proof of residence for German citizens (see below for non-residents)

Proof of citizenship (passport)

Health certificate (only if required under laws of American citizen's home state)

Certificate of Free Status (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis). Required of all foreigners marrying in Germany. Registrars will generally accept an Affidavit of Free Status executed before an American Consul.

Certificate of registration (Anmeldenachweis) required of foreigners in Germany. Written statement from local resident registration office that the foreigner is properly registered.

Residency Requirements: none

Waiting Period: none, however, it may take some time to obtain and prepare the necessary paperwork, so be sure to plan ahead.

Blood Test: none, unless required under laws of American citizen’s home state (see above)

Please note:

* If neither the bride nor groom are German nationals and if neither has a residence in Germany, they must initially apply to one of four alien registrars' offices: Hamburg, Munich, Baden-Baden, or Standesamt I in Berlin.
* Upon completion of processing by that office, the civil ceremony may be performed at any Standesamt.
* Non-German citizens are urged to consult the registrar at the Standesamt in the city or town where they wish to get married.
* Keep in mind that all documents submitted have to be translated into German and that the processing, in most cases, will require time.

Anonymous said...

The Press photographs of the missing ones will help to establish one fact that may be important in another sphere:it's frequently and obviously wrongly claimed by lovers of negritude that famous North African historical figures like Hannibal or St. Augustine of Hippo were BLACK. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

There's a huge sham marriage racket. The going rate is £5000 for a British national to marry Johnny Foreigner to gain a passport. Perhaps I am a little to cynical, or even drunk (I have had a skinful).

Anonymous said...

Well we do know that none of the sham marriages conducted in C of E churches were gay civil partnerships....Brent ? Well noone can be sure

Anonymous said...

Here's a mystery ... why do none of those British individuals "genuinely in love" with these desirable, charming and lovable aspiring immigrants, move overseas to their countries?

It might be easier for a muslim desperately in love with an indigenous British woman,if she bought a ticket to his country? Less troublesome red tape and official involvement (not that there's much in Britain, obviously). Or a Somali man who had somehow been engaged in a desperately sincere affair with an indigenous British woman simply arranged for her air ticket to Somalia? Where they could live happily - together - ever after?

It seems so cruel to put these poor lovesick Third World putative spouses through the grilling of British Immigration when it would be such a breeze for the Brit simply moved to their country!

I don't know why no one has thought of this solution before!