Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Bromsgrovian News

The alma mater has turned out few famous old boys or girls. The public school down the road counts ex-CBI chair (and ex-Baptist Youth Club) Digby Jones and the legendary Dr J. Collis Browne among its Old Boys. The old school can only boast Mrs Sting, currently getting mixed reviews in the gossip pages.

She may have been single-minded, ambitious etc etc, but if she had a fiver each way on herself she didn't shout it about the school. Nor do I know of "her schoolgirl nickname Scarface", as the Indie puts it. I did see someone call her scarface once, at lunch. She emptied the water jug over his head. Dramatic temperament.

There was another girl in the school who DID have a fiver each way on herself. Possessed of a spectacular figure, all the year knew of her acting and modelling ambitions. A year or four passed, we'd all left school, and in the Bradford Co-Op I picked up a tin of drinking chocolate. The model holding up a tea-towel ('only 75p with two proofs of purchase') seemed familiar. Obviously the career wasn't going too well. So it wasn't a total suprise when one day my brother waved a copy of 'Mayfair' at me ('just about everyone who knows her bought one') which featured her undoubted charms in gynecological detail, along with a fictional name and biography. Sic transit gloria mundi.


Anonymous said...

Having conducted my own investigations, Mayfair didn't used to be so gynecological. Wouldn't you have needed a hedge trimmer in most cases back then to have been so anyway. Whitehouse was the proper filth back then - and very seedy it was too.

Telemaque said...

"My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold.."

Anonymous said...

Well, Trudy is living the dream now. And good luck to her and Mr Sumner, at core they seem very human, a mix of insight and stupidity, a product and symbol of the times, really.

But did she always have that insane look, like a cannibal gazing at dinner?

Anonymous said...

ex-CBI chair

Rocking chair
plastic chair
office chair

Must be a right-on educational establishment - did you have sexless bi-pods there too ?

Anonymous said...

gynecological suggests you are American


James Higham said...

Alternatively, she could ahve taken herself off to the casino, as two of the girls I've just left plan to do tonight.