Sunday, March 11, 2007

"The most heinous playground crime"

We're heading for a glorious rainbow future just as soon as the hideously white oldies have died off, according to Janice Turner in the Times.

My children understand that racism is the most heinous playground crime. They have grown up with Black History Month, assemblies on Nelson Mandela and our groovy new school building is named after the black Crimean nurse Mary Seacole (the children’s other suggestion was Rosa Parks). I feel with absolute conviction if they or any of their friends join the Army and find themselves training a bunch of recruits, they will not spur some laggard through the assault course by calling him a "black bastard".

For all we love to label our young people toxic degenerates, in one regard they look down at us from the loftiest moral heights. In all surveys, the young’s tolerance of other races and intolerance of racism itself far outstrips the adult population: 82 per cent of under18s, according to a National Research Centre poll, claimed they are not at all racially prejudiced, compared with 69 per cent of adults. While this reveals nothing about their actual behaviour, it reflects that racism is now taboo.


No act of perceived racism now goes without exhaustive analysis. Mr Mercer was summarily sacked by David Cameron just three hours after his remarks. Only a few months ago — in what seems now like some lurid dream — the nation’s media and political leaders ceased discussion of the Iraq war or loans for honours to debate the implications for race (and international) relations in Jade Goody calling the Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty a poppadom on Celebrity Big Brother. The 30,000 people who complained to Channel 4, the tens of thousands more who voted to ensure Shilpa won the show, were not letting racism pass by unopposed.

My father’s old monocultural generation is dying; the blithely colour-blind young are ascending.

Now I think I've heard all that stuff about the kids getting on somewhere before. Didn't little white South African kids play with the children of their parents black employees in apartheid times ? Not necessarily a recipe for equality, then. And reports from the mean streets of North London don't seem too hopeful either. Neither do the numbers of perfectly decent non-racist natives who somehow find themselves getting out of London before the kids reach secondary age. And one other point, Ms Turner - the British 'blithely colour-blind young' are ascending in rather smaller numbers than the numbers of old monoculturals shuffling off. Can she be sure about the colour-blindness of others who are taking their place ?

She may be right of course. We may have discovered a secret that eluded people through history up to now - how to displace - or replace - a native population without genocide, civil war or serious inter-communal conflict. Or we might be sleepwalking to disaster (Trevor Phillips) / heaping up our own funeral pyre (Enoch Powell). The project to multiculturalise Britain and make universal love the norm is led by an army of state-employed sociology grads. They've not been terribly successful at making comprehensives work, criminals give up crime, lardbutts turn into 5-a-day lean machines, dope and smackheads give up weed or needle. Human nature hasn't changed - I still hold the view that continued mass immigration will mean ethnically-based politics. I've no idea what figures this story is based on, but seems likely that only massive postal vote fraud, difficult to arrange outside ethically 'diverse' areas, will prevent the continuing increase in the nativist (aka 'racist') vote.

I digress. Ms Turner is right that racism is the worst crime in education - for pupil or teacher. By racism is meant white racism. Is there any other kind ?

Ms Turner's kids, with middle-class writer mummy, may yet end up learning more about British culture and history than they'll be taught in school ('the British are characterised by racism, genocide, colonialism, sexism and homophobia'). And if she doesn't get them into a decent secondary she can go private. But what of those native kids without articulate mothers and a house full of books ? What will they get from an education where primary school children apparently spontaneously suggest Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole as the preferred monicker for a building ? Taught a positive view of every culture except their own (alright, they might be taught negative things about the US, too), how will they see their own culture ?

I'm not sure they'll see anything at all. I posted a while back on Keith Ajegbo's plan for English citizenship education. It's a fascinating and scary document, making no bones about the importance of political indoctrination to our children's education. But the authors are aware of what multicultural (i.e. 'any-culture-but-yours') education can do to the morale of the native kids. Not so long ago, to be born English or British was to have been awarded first prize in the lottery of life. As CLR James put it in 1962 :

English people, for example, have a conception of themselves breathed from birth. Drake and mighty Nelson, Shakespeare, Waterloo, the Charge of the Light Brigade, the few who did so much for so many, the success of parliamentary democracy, those and such as those constitute a national tradition.

What a contrast - and what a betrayal - these children's voices represent.

You’re bored with it, you’re just British.
White female, Year 10

I’m not from a Caribbean country or an exotic country or even France or Spain. I’m from nowhere like that, I’m just plain British.
White female Year 10

It’s boring, I just want to be like from a different ‘race’, or a quarter something.
White female KS2


Guessedworker said...

So all this pathology can't just be allowed to carry on, hey Laban? It has to be attended to.

Who are you going to vote for to do that?

Anonymous said...

The comments by the three white schoolgirls make for chilling reading. Is this one of the reasons why lots of white girls/women enter relationships with Caribbean men, to have more "exotic" progeny?

To be English is to be boring, staid, dull and quite literally colourless. The Scots, Welsh and Northern/Southern Irish are seen as being more interesting and each of these groups is regarded as having a rich cultural heritage.

Taking the above on board, is it then not surprising that many English children desire to be either half this or quarter that?

Anonymous said...

"...our groovy new school building is named after the black Crimean nurse Mary Seacole (the children’s other suggestion was Rosa Parks)..."

I suspect the children's first choice was Spiderman, or Bob THe Builder, until some politically correct teachers intervened!!

madne0 said...

Sure Mrs. Turner, the "kids" chose to name the new building after Mary Seacole. And wouldn't you know it, their second choice was Rosa Parks!
Either Mrs. Turner is lying (has i suspect she is), or those kids are more brainwashed then your average North Korean.

Anonymous said...

"Love Thy Neighbour is now seen as a 1970s period piece due to its dated and politically incorrect handling of issues of race."

And so it shall be for the present 'rainbow' generation also, in a couple of decades they will be seen as patronising and oppressive. To those of us who have lived through decades of this it seems there will be no end to it.

Anonymous said...

I know of many Afro-Caribbeans who remember 'Love Thy Neighbour' with great affection. And no I'm not Ron Atkinson in disguise!!

Fulham Reactionary said...

JuliaM, madne0:

It wouldn't surprise me if primary school children chose Mary Seacole or Rosa Parks themselves (albeit after being told they couldn't have Spiderman). The names they choose will reflect what they're taught. And, given the education system we have, it's very possible that the famous names they've been taught are Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela (Janice Turner mentions assemblies on him), Desmond Tutu, and not one single British or even white person. Except perhaps in the role of villain.

I myself had the misfortune to have been born after the leftist takever of the education system, and can certainly recall that at the age of five or six I learnt about Mary Seacole in school, and about Florence Nightingale from my parents.

Harry J said...

As a youngster in the mid 70's I castigated my parents for moving from the new estate where I'd grown up, all because some Indian families had moved into the cul-de-sac. Speaking to her about it recently I found that the small 3 bed semi's were home to a very large numbers of these newcomers to our estate to the extent that mattresses were being put in garages. The women would congregate on the lawn in front of their houses and peel vegetables while talking amongst themselves in a language my mom couldn't understand. It seems that there was a sudden rush from many of the other home owners in the close and my parents joined the queue in part from fear of their house being de-valued. I suppose the common name for the phenomonom is 'white flight'. Despite my early 'anti-racist' fervour I've since come to realise that there are many aspects to immigration I don't welcome. I came to this conclusion by a combination of my own, increasing, concerns about the world around me and my attempts at education and enlightenment via the internet. I'm utterly convinced that my new found concerns and my conversion to a more nationalistic perspective does not make me racist. Getting to this point has involved much soul searching on my part, indoctrinated as I was into the leftist agenda, largely thanks to the Daily Mirror, the Guardian and the BBC. The country needs rescuing from the poisonous left but it's so endemic it's hard to know where to start. The BNP? Well maybe. I do think they've left much of their overt racism behind and their policies are more of a nationalistic nature to which I could subscribe. They do seem a little tainted by their past though and while I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt it does seem to be a weak spot their enemies will be only too keen to explore.

Harry J said...

Guessedworker - who are you going to vote for?

Anonymous said...

What is astounding is, the socialists/marxists have torn the fabric of Britain and British identity apart in 10 quick years.

Even more astounding is, so many people didn't see what what happening all around them and voted the Marxists back in.

The first time I ever saw Tony Blair on television - I lived overseas and was home visiting my mother - I got a tremendous chill of evil. It was so strong that I said to my mother, "That man is evil." And Mummy replied, "Yes. He is very wicked. And he'll get in." And he did. And Britain vanished.

Anonymous said...,9350,449562,00.html

Anonymous said...

GA, to many people any kind of nationalist is automatically a racist.

A quote from one of samzidata (libertarian open border people) contributors Paul Marks: "Am I afraid of Islam - no.

But then I have no children, and I do not place a high value on my own life (I have no logical reason to)."


Anonymous said...

What a catastrophic mistake the British made when they opened their doors to non-Whites. They lost their very soul....